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MedPro Disposal offers medical waste disposal, infectious sharps waste management, OSHA compliance training including
bloodborne pathogens training and certification, and HIPAA-compliance document shredding and data destruction
services. MedPro Disposal keeps your practice safe and compliant so you can focus on what matters most, your patients.

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Medical Waste & Sharps disposal can be a tricky business. Call MedPro today for a free compliance check.


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MedPro Disposal’s Mail Back Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Service makes it safe and easy to adhere to requirements.

HIPAA Compliance Training


MedPro Disposal is dedicated to helping educate you and your staff on ways to make compliance a simple and hassle-free part of your life.

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MedPro Disposal is here to provide you with a solution for HIPAA-compliant and secure document and data-shredding. Call Today!


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Eugene, OR

Eugene is a major city of the Pacific Northwest located in the state of Oregon. It is the second-largest city in the state and the county seat of Lane County. It is located at the south end of the Willamette Valley, near the confluence of the McKenzie and Willamette rivers, about 50 miles east of the Oregon Coast.

Practice Type
Zip Code Projected Annual Savings
Medical Clinic 97471 $420
Urology 97471 $2,220
Dentist 97479 $288

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Medical Waste Disposal Eugene, Oregon

Also referred to as “Track Town, USA”, Eugene, Oregon stands for natural beauty and quantity of outdoor opportunities. Just 50 miles east of the Oregon Coast, Eugene has an estimated population of upwards of 163,000 residents, making it the second most populated city in Oregon. Many locals will be sporting their Oregon Green wherever you may find yourself. Eugene is home to the great University of Oregon, also where the Nike corporation got its launch. It isn’t by accident that Eugene is hosting the Track and Field World Championships come 2021, with Nike Headquarters being right in Eugene’s backyard. The town of Eugene was named after its founded, Eugene Franklin Skinner. In 1846, Eugene Skinner built the first cabin in the area, used as a place of trade that was registered as an official post office in the year of 1850. Prior to the city being referred to as Eugene, the city was called Eugene City. In 1889, however, the city name was shortened to what it is called presently.It may not come as a shock, but Eugene’s largest employers are PeaceHealth Medical Group, the great University of Oregon, as well as the Eugene School District. PeaceHealth Medical Group serves their purpose in Eugene, keeping the citizens healthy. Without all hands on deck, the success of each practice dwindles. From Danebo all the way to I—5, MedPro Disposal covers the city of Eugene and the many healthcare providers. We want to play our part in assuring top tier healthcare and environmentally safe practice. Our mission is to take some off of your plate, and get you back to your patients. Medical waste disposal is a required service, and many don’t know what all goes into this service. Not only does Eugene reap the benefits of PeaceHealth in regards to the economy, but many professionals play their part in caring for the great residents around the hub. With over 4,000 employees, you can only begin to imagine the number of patients that these professionals work with. PeaceHealth Medical facilities generate waste daily, and a lot of waste at that. MedPro Disposal has years of top-notch experience disposing properly of medical waste just like yours. We know the steps it takes to provide this quality service. Many, however, are unsure of what exactly medical waste disposal entails. Education on the matter is the first step. Medical waste broadly defines itself as; any specific item that comes in contact with bodily fluids. That being said, let’s use an example to make it easy on you. Surgical gloves are used on roughly every patient. First and foremost, that’s a large generated quantity of gloves, and these gloves come in contact with fluids that are unacceptable in normal waste disposal. Any solidified waste generated from the diagnosis, treatment, and immunization stands as biohazard medical waste, and must be disposed of properly. Improper treatment of these types of wastes can and has been crucial. Years prior, this type of waste was thrown into a plastic bag, and disposed of like normal garbage. The research found that these actions were leading to a problem bigger than imagined. The significant spread of disease, in addition, viruses and outbreaks could’ve likely taken place. Human contact with biohazardous waste opens up a chance for blood-borne infection to spread. Improper disposal of needles, syringes, even bandages put not only the patient at risk, but the physician and practice. If, for example, a patient was to get pricked by an improperly disposed needle, that patient is now at risk. Infection lies at the tip of every used needle, and precautionary measures are a must.

MedPro Disposal offers the correct disposal supplies to assure your practice safe and compliant disposal. The red bin you may recognize when visiting your healthcare facility is what we offer, lined with the red biohazard waste bag. These bins are puncture-proof, and serve as the second layer to the biohazardous waste bag.

Keeping up with the compliance regulations and correct handling of these bins is necessary. With populations always on the rise, the need for healthcare increases along with it. Keeping your practice OSHA Compliant is a walk in the park for MedPro. Let us guide the way, do your heavy lifting, and provide a safe place your patients can reach to when health is in question.

MedPro has a variety of services to bring to the table. One service confidently stood by is our OSHA Compliance Training. This service is simple, yet educational. Furthermore, being OSHA certified only keeps your doors open, and your patients healthy and safe. A statistic discovered showed that roughly 5.6 million healthcare providers are handling medical waste on a daily basis. If the right procedures aren’t taken, the disastrous results are likely.

The online portal not only is easily accessible, but is very convenient for professionals in the medical field who find themselves constantly on the move. Each member that needs this training has the ability to sign in to their account. From there, at their earliest convenience, these individuals go through each OSHA module. At any time, they can save where they left off, rest assured. In the end of it all, associates are up to speed with the latest guidelines to follow. That isn’t it, however. Not only will they learn about how to properly handle all the waste generated in their practices, but this information can be applied in any facet of their workday.

Whether it is on the campus of the University of Oregon, or at a family practitioner, MedPro Disposal wants to keep the residents and healthcare providers of Eugene safe and compliant. If we can extend our helping hand, all the while saving your practice substantial spend, we served our commitment.

On average, our customers in Eugene, Oregon have annual savings anywhere from 20-40% of their current spending. We know how to handle your medical waste, that is what we do. Get back to the sole focus on your patients, and let us take this one off of your hands.

Eugene, OR Local Resources

City of Eugene
City of Eugene
125 East 8th Avenue, 2nd Floor
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 682-5010
Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce
Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce
1401 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 484-1314
Lane County Public Health
Lane County Public Health
151 W 7th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 682-4041

Supply and Other Resources for Eugene

Eugene Police Department
Eugene Police Department
300 Country Club Road
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 682-5111
Eugene Fire Department
Eugene Fire Department
1705 W 2nd Ave
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 682-7100
Eugene Public Works
Eugene Public Works
101 E. Broadway, Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 682-8421

Eugene Little-Known Facts

Eugene was the first city in the United States to have one-way streets.

Medical Waste Disposal Resources

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Methods of Oregon Medical Waste Disposal

On-Site Waste Pickup

On-site Waste Collection

Package medical waste on-site, then leave it for collection by a medical waste disposal company.

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Mailback Waste Disposal

Properly package and label the sharps, then send the biohazardous waste safely through the mail for disposal.