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Safe medical waste disposal has never been so simple and affordable. How do we keep our prices so low? By charging only for the services you need and keeping our operating costs low to pass along the savings.

Every practice is different, and we tailor a custom solution that fits your needs and budget, from our pick-up schedule to the right kinds of biohazard and sharps containers.

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Tennessee Locations Serviced

We offer biohazard and medical waste disposal services throughout Tennessee, including:

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Work with MedPro Disposal to determine your first pickup date. We’ll confirm your office hours and provide convenient options for medical waste and sharps pickup.

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Complete a compliance survey. After we get to know your requirements, we’ll send you a survey to identify any areas that need to be brought up to OSHA standards.

All three steps occur at no additional cost to your practice. You’re on your way to safe, affordable, compliant medical waste removal!

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Tennessee Medical Waste Savings

Practice TypeZip CodeProjected Annual Savings
Health Care Clinic37620$4,212
Funeral Home37415$7,020
Manufacturing Plant37407$1,120

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Tennessee Medical and Biohazardous Waste Disposal

Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton and some of the biggest stars in today’s country music scene have all made homes in Tennessee. It’s a state full of down home barbecue, blue grass twang, and the beautiful Smoky Mountains. It’s no wonder Hollywood studios keep coming back here, big time celebrities settle here and tourists flock here from far and wide each year to experience what the Volunteer State has to offer.

Who’s Who in Tennessee?

Playing the paparazzi in Nashville is almost as much fun as it is in Hollywood, with movie stars, singers and entertainers lurking around every corner. But Tennessee’s capitol manages to keep that hometown feel that easily gets lost in the glitz and glam of southern California.

Names like Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban all got their first big breaks on a Nashville stage. Of course country music legends like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Patsy Cline paved the way years ago for up and coming stars in the Music City.

Country, rock and roll and blue grass do not die outside of Nashville. Tourists can find those smooth sounds all over the state, and landmarks to go with them. Elvis’ Graceland mansion is a top attraction in Memphis and adventure seekers can hop on a roller coaster in Pigeon Forge’s Dollywood that Dolly Parton herself dreamed up as a family vacation destination.

The ultimate country music stage is also housed in Nashville- the Grand Ole Opry. A radio show turned live music venue, the Opry has been around for more than 90 years and has an elite member list of 200 music stars. Garth Brooks called the Opry “the pinnacle” of what he does, adding, “Nothing will ever match being a member of the Grand Ole Opry,” according to an Opry press release.

This state isn’t just a hot seat for music celebrities, it’s an epicenter for movie making too. Green Mile, Walk the Line and The Blind Side are just a few examples of box office hits that took advantage of Tennessee’s gorgeous landscape for filming.

What’s What in Tennessee?

The 4,400-seat Opry may stand in Nashville as one of Tennessee’s most recognizable and visited landmarks, but just over 200 miles to the east lays another one of Tennessee’s biggest treasures: the Smoky Mountains. Spanning the eastern side of Tennessee along the North Carolina border, the Smoky Mountains make up a portion of the Appalachian Mountains. Thanks to being predominately tree covered from base to peak, the mountains are known for being covered in vibrant greens during the spring and summer and a rainbow of reds, yellows and oranges in the fall.

Outdoor adventure is everywhere in Tennessee, but especially in the mountains. Hiking and biking trails abound. Rivers are dotted with kayakers and tubers in the warm weather months. Bass and trout fishing is a staple outdoor sport all year long. And thanks to the Smoky Mountains’ placement on the Appalachian Trail, long-term hikers trekking from Georgia to Maine can often be spotted in the mountain towns, re-stocking their food supply and stopping to stay the night in a warm hotel rather than in a tent on the trail.

“Other” Tennessee Life

Well-polished celebrities and trail-weary hikers are not the only characters who Tennessee residents and tourists can spot. This state is home to a wide range of interesting wildlife known to stop spectators in their tracks. A stroll around a Tennessee pond or a walk through one of its national forests could lead to any number of wildlife encounters.

Noisy but graceful Sandhill cranes migrate through the state in January – marked by the Sandhill Crane Festival. Several species of snakes slither across forest floors, like the timber rattlesnake or the dreaded copperhead. However the animals that return some of the best pictures and make for some of the most memorable vacation stories are the majestic mammals. Elk with outstretched antlers, black bears scratching their backs on trees, or even the occasional cougar. Just remember, while enjoying Tennessee’s great outdoors, it’s always smart to keep an eye out for curious critters and remain at a safe distance.

State of the Tennessee Economy

In 2013 and 2014, Tennessee was named the number one state for economic development in the country. It is noted for thriving automotive and energy industries in addition to travel, tourism and entertainment. The health care industry ranks among the state’s top employers, contributing 210,000 jobs and almost $30 billion annually to Nashville’s local economy alone, data from a Nashville Health Care Council report indicates. With Vanderbilt University Medical Center reigning as a leader in medical research, training and patient care in the capitol city, it’s no wonder the medical industry is a top contributor to Nashville’s total economy. After all, people need to have some place to turn when an outdoor Tennessee adventure or a crazy night in one of Tennessee’s hopping cities goes awry.

Health and Safety in Tennessee

While Tennessee residents and tourists keep busy exploring all the state has to offer, doctors and nurses stay busy keeping everyone happy and healthy. One reality of treating tens of thousands of patients each year is finding something to do with the medical waste they leave behind. It’s a dirty job, but it has to be done.

Tennessee’s Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste Management is responsible for laying out the rules and regulations associated with medical waste disposal. Tennessee is also one of 21 states under additional regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)for how to handle medical waste disposal and biohazardous waste disposal.

Navigating the Waste Problem

Staying within the lines of both the State and OSHA’s regulations is tedious and time consuming for medical professionals who need to concentrate on caring for their patients – not deciding what to do with used needles. The good news is, MedPro Disposal services Nashville, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Knoxville, and Memphis, among others, with medical waste disposal. MedPro Disposal provides a cost-effective solution to all kinds of medical clinics and offices that have sharp needles, bodily fluids or animal wastes that need to be properly disposed of.

MedPro Disposal at Your Service

A MedPro Disposal representative will work out a pickup schedule and price plan that works for the customer. Health care providers simply do their jobs, discard waste materials in the provided MedPro Disposal containers, and a driver picks up the materials on a regular schedule. The company ensures everything is properly disposed of in a way that is safe and healthy for the environment and the humans who have to handle the materials. The entire process is carefully engineered to make sure all state and OSHA mandates are fulfilled. There may be other medical waste companies servicing areas of Tennessee, but none as thorough, cooperative or accommodating as MedPro Disposal.

Tennessee EPA State Definitions

Classifications of Waste

Medical waste is considered a Special Waste which is defined as a solid waste that is either difficult or dangerous to manage.

Types of Wastes

Medical waste includes wastes generated by hospitalized patients who are isolated to protect others from communicable diseases, cultures and stocks of infectious agents, waste human blood and blood products, pathological wastes, discarded sharps, and more.

Storage Requirements

Sharps must be securely packaged in puncture-proof containers prior to being sent to a landfill. Cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated biologicals must not be sent to a landfill unless and until they have been treated (e.g., autoclaved, incinerated) to render them non-infectious. Human blood and blood products and other body fluids may not be sent to a landfill/ This restriction applies to bulk liquids or wastes containing substantive amounts of free liquids, but does not apply to simply blood-contaminated materials such as emptied blood bags, bandages, or “dirty” linens.

Tennessee State Resources

Department of Health

425 Fifth Avenue, North Cordell Hull Building, 3rd Floor Nashville, TN 37247


Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association

19 Lacy Road Fayetteville, TN 37334


Tennessee Medical Association

2301 21st Avenue South P.O. Box 120909 Nashville, TN 37212

(615) 385-2100

Tennessee Little-Known Facts

The area now known as Tennessee was first inhabited by Paleo-Indians nearly 12,000 years ago. The names of the cultural groups that inhabited the area between first settlement and the time of European contact are unknown, but several distinct cultural phases have been named by archaeologists, including Archaic (8000-1000 BC), Woodland (1000 BC-1000 AD), and Mississippian (1000-1600 AD), whose chiefdoms were the cultural predecessors of the Muscogee people who inhabited the Tennessee River Valley prior to Cherokee migration into the river’s headwaters.

Tennessee Online Safety Compliance Portal

We strive to provide you services in Tennessee that will save you money! Part of this process is to make sure you are not paying for more than you generate.

We understand the importance of saving your money without sacrificing service. MedPro will be your partner in your medical waste management program by being a low-cost provider of medical waste disposal and OSHA training services.

Have questions about compliant biohazard waste and sharps waste disposal best practices?

Why Choose MedPro Disposal for Medical Waste & Sharps Container Disposal in Tennessee?

Safe, affordable, fully insured medical waste management.

Reliable disposal service from an experienced provider.

Custom waste pickup and disposal solutions

OSHA, HIPAA, DOT, and other compliance training.

Methods of Tennessee Medical Waste Disposal

On-site Medical Waste Collection

Package medical waste on-site, then leave it for collection by a medical waste disposal company.

Mailback Waste Disposal

Properly package and label the sharps, then send the biohazardous waste safely through the mail for disposal.

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