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Surgery Center71301$6,000
Dental Center71373$1,260

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Medical Waste Disposal Alexandria, LA

Medical Waste Disposal Alexandria, LA

Known as the city and parish seat of Rapides Parish, Alexandria, Louisiana lies on the southern bank of the Red River. Alexandria, or “Alex”, is located in the center of the state. The city has a population of 153,922.

Originally, the community was home to a society that supported activities of the adjacent Spanish outposts. Traders and merchants made their mark in the early development of the area. The Civil War did take place in Alexandria as well. The spring of 1863 brought Union forces from the north. May 7th, Admiral David Dixon Porter and his cavalry marched twenty-five miles to reach the city.

The Federal Army had quite the extensive stay in Alexandria. Soldiers gathered lumber and tools in order to pass time, building wooden tent floors, benches, even furniture. Union General, David Dixon Porter, and his men found themselves trapped in the spring of 1864. The water levels of the Red River were so low that they could not accommodate gunboats. Many southern citizens feared the Union Army, and many abandoned ship. Some citizens hid in the woods, so overcome with fear of the Yankee soldier. May 13th, 1864, the Union Army left Alexandria in flames. The city was truly up in flames, and thieves made use of the mass chaos that was taking place.

Alexandria sits just north of Cajun culture, and recognizes Mardi Gras as an official holiday. The Mardi Gras Krewes Parade occurs annually, the Sunday before the true Mardi Gras Festival. From floats, to high school marching bands, the festivities are full force. Another cultural event was Cenlabration. The name was adjoined from its official name, the Central Louisiana Celebration. The event is aimed to celebrate local culture, as well as the celebration of Labor Day. Cajun music and food decorates the entire event, and ends every year with an extravagant firework display.

RiverFest was another event that was created back in 2002. Local government, businesses, organizations, and community representatives joined together to promote tourism and the artistic edge of Alexandria. More than ten thousand people show up annually. RiverFest is held downtown Alexandria, also on the Alexandria and Pineville levees.

Healthcare is among a few of the major employers that call Alexandria home. Rapides Regional Medical Center is a former Baptist hospital that is right downtown. In addition, Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital, opened in 1950, is constantly expanding in response to demand. Healthcare is a field that is always going to be around, and we have seen that it is on the incline, both in costs and size. Without all hands on deck, the success of each practice dwindles. MedPro Disposal covers the city of Alexandria and the many healthcare facilities. We want to help assure Alexandria citizens top tier healthcare and environmentally safe practices. Our mission is to take some off of your plate, and get you back to your patients. Medical waste disposal is a required service, and many don’t know what all goes in to this service.

Education on the matter is the first step. Medical waste broadly defines itself as; any specific item that comes in contact with bodily fluids. That being said, let’s use an example to make it easy on you. Surgical gloves are used on roughly every patient. First and foremost, that’s a large generated quantity of gloves, and these gloves come in contact with fluids that are unacceptable in normal waste disposal. Any solidified waste generated from the diagnosis, treatment, and immunization stands as biohazard medical waste, and must be disposed of properly. Improper treatment of these types of wastes can and will been crucial.

Previously, this type of waste was thrown into a plastic bag, and disposed of like normal garbage. Research found that these actions were leading to a problem bigger than imagined. Significant spread of disease, in addition, viruses and outbreaks could’ve likely taken place. MedPro prides itself on our proper disposal procedures in place.

Many don’t truly know how the process of medical waste removal works. To begin, you must completely sort the different types of waste. Sterilization is the next line of business. Our autoclaves serve their purpose by forcing all of the air out of the unit. The intense heat that follows behind is done by our incinerators, which kills off any bacteria that may thrive prior. In this severe heat that the incinerator produces, no bacteria stand a chance. Finally, the item can either be disposed of completely or recycled back into use. MedPro has many services to handle your different classifications of medical waste.

One service confidently stood by is our OSHA Compliance Training. This service is simple, yet educational. Furthermore, being OSHA certified only keeps your doors open, and your patients healthy and safe. A statistic discovered showed that roughly 5.6 million healthcare providers are handling medical waste on a daily basis. If the right procedures aren’t taken, the disastrous results are likely. The online portal not only is easily accessible, but is very convenient for professionals in the medical field who find themselves constantly on the move. Each member that needs this training has the ability to sign in to their account. From there, at their earliest convenience, these individuals go through each OSHA module. At any time, they can save where they left off, rest assured. In the end of it all, associates are up to speed with the latest guidelines to follow. That isn’t it, however. Not only will they learn about how to properly handle all the waste generated in their practices, but this information can be applicable in any facet of their workday.

The Sharps Disposal program is another frequently asked for service. Defined simply as any biohazardous material that can puncture skin and also is contaminated with bodily fluids, sharps disposal is top-notch when it comes to safety. If you are a clinic that generates contaminated needles and syringes, you are required by law to dispose of these items properly. In order to be up to OSHA standards, you must have a proper puncture-proof container, care from the medical community, proper training, and a licensed removal company. We are that licensed removal company, and we can save you money.

If we can extend our helping hand to the people of Alexandria, all the while saving your practice substantial spend, we served our commitment. On average, Alexandria healthcare professionals can expect annual savings ranging from 20-40% from their current spend. The sky is the limit, and many see even more savings. Let us help you, we know what we’re doing.


Alexandria, LA

Alexandria is a city in and the parish seat of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, United States. It lies on the south bank of the Red River in almost the exact geographic center of the state. It is the principal city of the Alexandria metropolitan area which encompasses all of Rapides and Grant parishes. Its neighboring city is Pineville. In 2010, the population was 47,723, an increase of 3 percent from the 2000 census.

Alexandria, LA Local Resources

City Of Alexandria Police Department

City Of Alexandria Police Department
Alexandria, Louisiana City Of Alexandria Police Department
1000 Bolton Ave,
Alexandria,, LA 71301
(318) 449-5099

City of Alexandria

City of Alexandria
Alexandria, Louisiana City of Alexandria
P.O. Box 71
Alexandria, LA 71309
(318) 449-5000

Rapides Parish Health Unit

Rapides Parish Health Unit
Alexandria, Louisiana Rapides Parish Health Unit
5604 Coliseum Blvd # A
Alexandria, LA 71303
(318) 487-5282

Supply and Other Resources for Alexandria

Alexandria Public Works Division

Alexandria Public Works Division
Alexandria, Louisiana Alexandria Public Works Division
2021 Site Rd # C
Alexandria, LA 71303
(318) 441-6192

Sayes Office Supply

Sayes Office Supply
Alexandria, Louisiana Sayes Office Supply
7603 Highway 71 South
Alexandria, LA 71301
(318) 448-4225


Alexandria, Louisiana CRAVE
908 3rd St
Alexandria, LA 71301
(318) 528-8745

Alexandria Little-Known Facts

The Alexandria Zoological Park is a 33-acre zoo first opened to the public in 1926. Owned by the City of Alexandria and operated by the Division of Public Works, it is home to about 500 animals and includes an award-winning Louisiana Habitat exhibit. Much of the credit for the quality of the zoo has been given to Robert Leslie Whitt (1951 to 2008), who served as director for 34 years prior to his death. Whitt was hired in 1974 by then Streets and Parks Commissioner Malcolm Hebert. The zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and takes part in about 20 Species Survival Plans (SSP) as part of its conservation efforts.