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Maryland Locations Serviced

We offer biohazard and medical waste disposal services throughout Maryland, including: Baltimore, Rockville, Laurel and North Bethesda.

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Maryland Medical Waste Disposal Savings

Practice Type Zip Code Projected Annual Savings
Cardiovascular Surgery 20817 $5,500
Gastroenterology 20904 $15,600
Medical Services 20743 $1,349
Vein Center 21075 $44,940
Endoscopy Center 21601 $6,859
Family Practice 21050 $1,000

Find Out How Much You Can Save Instantly.
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Maryland, one of the 13 states that founded the United States of America, home to over 6 million people and almost 80,000 horses!

Sometimes called America in Miniature because of the wide geographical variety, ranging from mountains to dunes to forests and rivers. In the same day you could ski in the mountains, hike in the forest, buggy around the dunes and take a whitewater rafting trip!

As the fourth smallest, yet most densely populated state, the amount of variety you can see in Maryland is amazing.

Maryland is also claimed to be the birthplace of religious freedom in the United States. One of the main reasons people moved to Maryland was to escape the prosecution of Catholics in the United Kingdom. Without Maryland, there may be no First Amendment!

Air, Space and Defense

According to the Maryland Department of Commerce the main key industries today are:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Energy & Sustainability
  • BioHealth & Life Science
  • IT & Cybersecurity
  • Military & Federal,
  • Manufacturing

The 8,700 Aerospace and Defense companies make it the single largest industry in the state. With an average salary of $100,000 per year, over 130,000 jobs and 33 billion dollars in economic activity in 2015, it is also the most important industry in the state as far as economics go.

Third on the list of main industries in MD is Biohealth and Life Science. This includes jobs like doctors, nurses, medical research, and healthcare IT.

The health industry employed 39,000 people in 2015, paid 4 billion dollars in wages, and produced 15 billion dollars in economic activity for the state.

The Baltimore Sun reported that hospitals in Baltimore are looking to hire 1,000 new employees in 2016, mostly for entry level jobs to give underprivileged people an opportunity to get a fair paying career.

Waste, Cities and the Environment

With 100,000 healthcare workers statewide, and that number is quickly growing, Maryland’s hospitals treat over a million patients a year.

The MaryPIRG Foundation estimates that Maryland’s hospitals and various healthcare facilities generate 35,000 tons or 70,000,000 pounds of medical waste every year. While Maryland has some of the most thorough and strict medical waste disposal regulations around, pollution still happens.

Be it a nurse accidentally throwing infectious waste in the wrong garbage bin or a diabetic throwing a syringe in their garbage can, both are pollution and both harm Maryland. The only way to stop improper disposal of biohazardous waste is through education.

Thankfully, we have a ton of resources focused on teaching proper disposal, regulations, and insight into how waste is actually disposed – all for free.

If you want to ensure your medical waste is going to the right place, give us a call and get a free quote right now. On average, MedPro Disposal customers save 30% off their previous medical waste disposal vendor, and we provide the highest quality customer service around.

Maryland EPA State Definitions

Classifications of Waste

Anatomical material, which is human or animal body parts, including tissues and organs; Blood (human or animal); Blood-soiled articles, which means any article that contains blood in any form as a result of contact with blood; Contaminated material which means: Microbiological laboratory waste; The feces of an individual diagnosed as having a disease that may be transmitted to another human being through the feces; An article soiled with the feces of an individual diagnosed as having a disease that may be transmitted to another human being through the feces; or An article that has come into contact with a known infectious agent. Microbiological laboratory waste, which means waste from a microbiological laboratory that contains an infectious agent and includes cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated biologicals; or Sharps, which means a syringe, needle, surgical instrument, or other article that is capable of cutting or puncturing human skin.

Types of Wastes

Contaminated sharps are all discarded sharp items derived from patient care in medical, research, or industrial facilities including glass vials containing materials defined as infectious, suture needles, hypodermic needles, scalpel blades, and Pasteur pipettes. Cultures and stocks of infectious agents are specimen cultures collected from medical and pathological laboratories, cultures and stocks of infectious agents from research and industrial laboratories, wastes from the production of biological agents, discarded live and attenuated vaccines, and culture dishes and devices used to transfer, inoculate or mix cultures. Blood and blood products. Pathological wastes are human tissues and body parts that are removed during surgery or autopsy.

Storage Requirements

All medical services waste shall be stored in a manner and in a container that will prevent the transmission of disease or the causing of injury. Hypodermic needles and syringes, scalpel blades, suture needles, or other sharp objects shall be stored only in a rigid, puncture-resistant container that has been closed to prevent the escape of any material, including liquids or aerosols. All reusable containers used to store infectious waste shall be cleaned and disinfected before each use.

Maryland State Resources

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
201 West Preston Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Maryland Department of Transportation
7201 Corporate Center Drive
Baltimore, MD 21076
410 865-1000

Maryland Chamber of Commerce
60 W St # 100
Baltimore, MD 21401

Maryland Little-Known Facts

Maryland was first to enact Workmen's compensation laws in 1902.

Maryland Online Safety Compliance Portal

We strive to provide you services in Maryland that will save you money! Part of this process is to make sure you are not paying for more than you generate.

We understand the importance of saving your money without sacrificing service. MedPro will be your partner in your medical waste management program by being a low-cost provider of medical waste disposal and OSHA training services.

Medical Waste Disposal Resources

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Methods of Maryland Waste Disposal

On-site Waste Collection

Package medical waste on-site, then leave it for collection by a medical waste disposal company.

Mailback Waste Disposal

Properly package and label the sharps, then send the biohazardous waste safely through the mail for disposal.

For more information, visit the MedPro Blog

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