MedPro Disposal Ensures Pickup Reliability for Its Waste Disposal Services

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing medical waste disposal services is if the service provider is reliable for the services your company is looking for. Many large medical waste disposal companies will promise reliable pickup and customer services and will not follow through with that promise.

At MedPro Disposal, we follow through with that promise. Our goal is to save our customers money while providing reliable medical waste disposal services. We ensure that our customers will get what they pay for when partnering with us.  

Pick-Up Truck for Medical Waste Disposal Services

Our waste pick-up process

At MedPro Disposal, we pride ourselves on ensuring the proper disposal of your waste and reliable pickup services and mail-back solutions.

We service 48 of the 50 states from Hawaii and Alaska and have haulers nationwide to ensure a reliable and on-time pickup. We can provide regulated pickup, transportation, treatment, and disposal services for regulated medical waste, biohazard waste, sharps, and pharmaceuticals.

What happens to your medical waste?

  1. MedPro will pick up the waste from your facility 
  1. Our haulers will bring it to a treatment facility 
  1. The rubbish will then be put through an autoclave  
  1. The sterilized waste will be appropriately disposed of in a sanitary landfill. 
Pick-Up Truck for Medical Waste Disposal Services

To avoid transportation violations, MedPro Disposal has compliant vehicles available and trained operatives who bring expert knowledge and experience to transport and dispose of your medical waste correctly.

Our medical waste disposal services will absorb most of the responsibility of handling and transporting the waste and reduce your risk of non-compliance.

MedPro’s customer portal allows customers to track their waste after it has been picked up to ensure customers that we have picked up the waste and it has been treated and disposed of properly.

For state agency compliance, you can access copies of your waste destruction manifests 24/7 in our secure customer portal. Our customer portal allows customers access to updated manifests, e-invoices, payment history, and compliance information. 

Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid potential issues regarding our medical waste disposal services

To avoid pickup issues, it is essential that your company keep us up to date with any location changes as well as classify your waste appropriately in our red bags or containers before we pick it up.

If any issues arise, contact our Customer Advocate team, and they will resolve the issue within 24 hours and can help adjust any service changes or schedule changes.  

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