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Practice Type Zip Code Projected Annual Savings
Medical Group 48075 $1,728
Allergist 48075 $244
Radiology 48195 $7,680

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Medical Waste Disposal Southfield, MI

Medical Waste Disposal Southfield, MI

Southfield is located in Oakland County which is a northern suburb of Detroit. It city better known as “The Golden Triangle” contains five visible golden skyscrapers. A majority of economy consists of commercial business centers around the metropolitan Detroit area. Some notable corporations residing in Southfield include: Peterson Spring, Guardian Alarm, and R.L. Polk & Co. There are more than 100 Fortune 500 companies located in the Southfield area.

The city has a lot of activities and events that are enjoyed by the community. Detroit Kid City which is a recreation facility for kids is a great attraction for the younger population. Another activity that many residents take place in involves the Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve. Located on 10 Mile Rd it is a great place to escape reality and enjoy some beautiful hiking trails. Southfield is minutes away from Comerica Park, the nationally recognized Major League Baseball park home to the Detroit Tigers.

The residents of Southfield are also very fortunate to have such an amazing healthcare system in their area. Some major facilities servicing the area include: Straith Hospital, Providence Park Hospital, and Oakland Regional Hospital. The facilities are nationally recognized for the exceptional service they provide for the community. Although, they all have one problem they face daily, which includes the accumulation of medical waste. It is very important these practices dispose the waste properly to ensure the safety of the patients and surrounding area.

MedPro Disposal specializes in the medical waste removal process for the Southfield area. Medical waste is broadly defined as any item that comes into contact with bodily fluids. Specifically, it is any solid waste that is generated in the diagnosis, treatment, or immunization of a human. One benefit MedPro Disposal has to offer the facilities of Southfield is our ability to construct customized plans to fit your medical waste needs. The array of services MedPro Disposal has to offer include: regulated medical waste disposal, pharmaceutical disposal, and OSHA compliance training.

We require two pieces of information to start constructing a cost-effective plan to accommodate your needs. Those two pieces of information include how much medical waste is being produced, and how often the waste is picked up. With this information our team works with you to find the best fit. MedPro offers a variety of frequency schedules to the facilities in order to better serve your requests. The process is quiet simple, once a pick-up schedule is determined we will provide your practice with red-lined cardboard boxes to accumulate the waste. On your scheduled pick up date we will dispose of the waste properly, and provide you with new boxes to restart the process.

Another service that is offered to the Southfield facilities includes our unique pharmaceutical mail back program. Your facility would be provided with a 2.5 gallon OTC/Rx or controlled bucket, equipped with a pre-paid UPS return label. The bucket would collect expired and unneeded medications. It is very important that these harmful medications do not end up in Southfield’s landfills and water systems. The disposal program is compliant on all federal and state levels, while offering an affordable alternative to your pharmaceutical concerns.

The OSHA training program we offer is a great way to get your employees trained and certified. Our training is all done online through our user friendly and comprehensive OSHA portal. Some advantages our program offers include: interactive multimedia training, advanced search options, and an abundant comprehensive set of resources. The training consists of short educational videos explaining the correct process to handle the medical waste. After each section there are multiple choice questions to ensure your employees are retaining the information. Upon completion of the training your employee will be awarded a certificate. The certificate can be printed out for filing purposes, but will also remain accessible on the online portal.

The benefits MedPro Disposal has to offer the healthcare facilities of Southfield are phenomenal. The services we offer including regulated medical waste removal, pharmaceutical disposal, and OSHA compliance are great solutions to your medical waste needs. Our ability to bundle these services allow us to offer your practice substantial discounts.

Southfield, MI

Southfield is a city in Oakland County of the US state of Michigan. It is a suburb of Detroit. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 71,739. Southfield Township is adjacent to the city on the north side. A part of Metro Detroit’s upscale office market, the city’s marque is a cluster of five golden skyscrapers, known as the “Golden Triangle”, that form the contemporary 2,200,000 square feet Southfield Town Center office complex with a Westin Hotel and a conference center. In addition, a 33-story luxury residential high-rise is separate from the complex. Southfield has other skyscrapers too. To the west, near the confluence of I-696/Reuther Freeway and M-10/Lodge Freeway, is the American Center.

Southfield, MI Local Resources

Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce

Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce
Southfield, Michigan Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce
24300 Southfield Road #101
Southfield, MI 48075

Oakland Southfield Physicians

Oakland Southfield Physicians
Southfield, Michigan Oakland Southfield Physicians
27200 Northwestern Hwy Suite 325
Southfield, MI 48034-1027

Southfield Police Department

Southfield Police Department
Southfield, Michigan
https://http// Southfield Police Department
26000 Evergreen Road
Southfield, MI 48076

Supply and Other Resources for Southfield

Oakland County Health Department

Oakland County Health Department
Southfield, Michigan Oakland County Health Department
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Southfield, MI 48076

Anso Products, Inc

Anso Products, Inc
Southfield, Michigan Anso Products, Inc
21380 Telegraph Rd.
Southfield, MI 48033

Sweet Lorraines Cafe & Bar

Sweet Lorraines Cafe & Bar
Southfield, Michigan Sweet Lorraines Cafe & Bar
29101 Greenfield Road
Southfield, MI 48076

Southfield Little-Known Facts

Southfield was surveyed in 1817 according to the plan by Michigan territorial governor Lewis Cass. The first settlers came from nearby Birmingham and Royal Oak, Michigan, as well as the states of New York and Vermont. The area that would become Southfield was settled by John Daniels in 1823. Among the founders were the Heth, Stephens, Harmon, McClelland and Thompson families. Town 1 north, 10 east was first organized as Ossewa Township on July 12, 1830, but the name was changed just seventeen days later to Southfield Township. The township took its name from its location in the "south fields" of Bloomfield Township.