The Importance of Having a Spill Kit Ready

Spillkit medical waste management systems

You run an active healthcare facility that has people coming in and out all day long. Furthermore, potentially hazardous substances are always nearby, which could endanger both patients and staff at any time. For this very reason, having a universal precaution compliance kit ready to address an accidental bloodborne spill makes complete sense.

As a medical professional, protecting the individuals you serve and employ should be your number one priority. So ready-made spill kits are a necessity in your office.

What the Kit Contains

The most effective spill kit should fulfill the guidelines established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This means the kit must include:

  • Gloves
  • Apron
  • Combo mask/safety shield
  • Solidifer
  • Germicidal wipe
  • Sanitizer wipe
  • Red biohazard bag
  • Identification tag
  • Scoop/scraper
  • Instructions

Depending on the individual needs of your office, additional tools are available to help you contain dangerous spills. From shaker top bottles and gowns to additional wipes and larger red biohazard bags, you can get the right resources to keep your patients and staff secure.

Handling Bloodborne Spills

While it is essential that your facility has compliance precaution kit accessible, it’s also necessary to know what to do in case a spill occurs.

As soon as any bloodborne spill happens, make sure to put on the protective clothing right away. You don’t want to have any contact with the fluids during the containment process. Therefore, take out the gloves, apron and combo mask/safety shield to minimize the chance of infection.

The next thing you must do is apply the solidifier and then use the scooper/scraper. Once you pick up the hardened material, be sure to place it in the red biohazard bag for disposal.

Afterwards, it’s crucial that you disinfect the contaminated surface where the spill took place. The germicidal wipe will clean this area so that there is no risk of further contamination.

Once you have taken care of the spill, don’t forget to put the gloves, mask, apron and wipes into a red biohazard bag and place it all in your medical waste disposal container. Then promptly use the sanitizer wipes to clean your hands.

By taking these steps, you will ensure your office has been safeguarded after this potentially disastrous spill.

Purchase a spill kit today!

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