Top 10 Medical Field Jobs for 2022

Top Ten Medical Field Jobs for 2022

We are always looking for ways to improve health, discover new treatments, and help support the medical field. More than ever, the healthcare industry workers are on the frontlines making a difference.

Career paths in the medical field have become both necessary and popular choices. All medical professionals help prevent disease, illness, and injury while also being able to diagnose and treat these conditions. Are you looking to make a change? Jobs in the medical field such as a doctor, nurse, or surgeon are fast-growing, in-demand, and paying high compensation. You may have many questions such as: what are the best jobs in the medical field? What medical field jobs pay the highest? How long do I have to go to school? Realistically, all healthcare jobs do require time, resources, and effort for entry, although some require more than others.

When you choose to pursue an opportunity in the healthcare industry as a qualified professional you enjoy many benefits for this reason. There are plenty of new opportunities and room to grow when you decide to commit to this career path. Consider one of these top ten popular medical field jobs for your next career move!

Below are MedPro Disposal’s ranked top ten healthcare jobs for 2022:

1. Physician Assistant

At the top of the list of healthcare jobs sits physician assistants. This individual works with doctors to care for patients and aid with diagnoses and treatment. You may interpret test results and carry out medical examinations to help doctors with proper care paths to help doctors take medical history, provide counsel, perform procedures, and do clinical research.

2. Nurse Practitioner

Second on the list is the nurse practitioner role. This individual can perform similar duties to physicians. You perform medical exams, order test labs, assess lab results, prescribe medications, and authorize treatments for patients. You can choose to specialize in certain areas of interest, such as pediatric health, dermatology, family medicine, obstetrics, and internal medicine. Learn more about nurses here!

3. Physician

Ranked at number three is physician. Physicians are qualified doctors that carry out several roles in hospitals and other medical facilities. You’re able to treat and diagnose numerous conditions and provide preventative care. It’s an extremely competitive career and has great benefits, such as high rates of success, a strong salary, and ability to make a difference helping others. Physicians also can choose a multitude of different specializations for their practice.

4. Speech-Language Pathologist

Ranked fourth is a speech-language pathologist or SLPs. This career is useful in a variety of settings and environments ranging from elementary schools to hospitals to rehabilitation centers. Choosing this medical field job helps diagnose and treat language communication difficulties, speech impediments, other language barrier problems, and swallowing problems.

5. Dentist

Fifth on the list is a dentist. Dental care is an extremely important field in healthcare. You perform numerous tasks, such as oral examinations involving the gums, teeth, and mouth, as well as filling cavities, root canals, performing surgeries, correcting bite, extracting teeth, and whitening teeth. Treating a wide variety of dental ailments to help keep patients in top oral health, and additionally improving their self-confidence.

6. Veterinarian

Sixth on the list is veterinarians. These healthcare workers focus on animal care and often work with their support staff to care for pets and animals. You will be responsible for carrying out animal examinations, performing surgeries, treating animals for injuries, and explaining the diagnosis and treatment plans to owners. Veterinarians also can have different specialties such as companion animal veterinarians, exotic animal specialists, and research veterinarians.

7. Orthodontist

Having perfectly straight teeth is becoming more popular in the USA, so it makes sense orthodontists are ranked seventh on the list. Your focus in this specialized dental career is the realignment and creation of a healthy smile. Overall dental health is both function and presentation of teeth and jaw of the patient to diagnosis irregularities. This can range from retainers to fix jaw shape to straightening teeth with braces and other specialized methods. Orthodontics work with both children and adults and is growing in popularity as more people are becoming more invested in their looks and appearance.

8. Anesthesiologist

Ranking eight is an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiology is one of the highest paying careers in the medical field and one of the most essential professions in the industry. You’re responsible for managing pain and monitoring patient vitals and unconsciousness during surgery. Type of pain relief can include general anesthesia, sedation, and regional anesthesia. During a surgery or procedure, you provide the medical management of bodily functions as well including heart concerns, breathing, and fluids. You are also able to help patients who suffer from illness or injury by prescribing drugs and monitoring pain before, during, and after treatment.

9. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Ranking ninth is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. You can repair and rebuild anything from damaged teeth to cleft lips or palates. This highly specialized dental and surgeon role focused on the mouth, jaw, teeth, gums, neck and head. You’re able to treat structural conditions and alter the appearance of their patients. This includes a wide variety of surgical procedures such as dental implants, wisdom teeth care, cosmetic facial surgery, prosthetics, and cancer treatment.

10. Occupational Therapist

The tenth and final most popular career in the medical field is an occupational therapist. This essential career guides patients who are sick, injured, or disabled to adapt to their new lifestyle. You can teach patients a plethora of different activities such as how to use a wheelchair for paralyzed individuals or teaching stroke survivors how to cook, clean, and dress themselves. They also work with patients who suffer from mental illness or children who have developmental disabilities. Their goal is to help the patient reach their goals through evaluation, intervention, and promotion of healthy lifestyle.

The medical field is a continuously growing industry that has numerous career paths you can follow! Not only do these jobs provide the opportunity to make a strong living with good pay, but you can also interact with your patients and work with others to provide the best possible care. These top ten medical field jobs are the perfect career move for your new year if you are looking to continue your education and help your community stay healthy.

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