USP 800

USP 800 Compliance for Veterinary Practices

Hazardous waste is everywhere and is found within veterinary practices as well. With the compassion we humans hold for our furry friends, we will do anything to save them. Saving them includes utilizing hazardous drugs to save them, even if it does affect those working with them. These drugs cannot be disposed of like regular pharmaceutical waste but must comply with USP 800. If the USP 800 is not familiar, some brief information includes:

For additional information regarding USP 800, check out our USP 800 Basic OverviewWhile many of the drugs found in a veterinary practice may be disposed of with pharmaceutical waste, a few fall under hazardous waste. According to the NIOSH, a hazardous drug contains some of the following characteristics:  

These symptoms can be found from improperly using multiple drugs with a vet practice. Xylazine and Fentanyl are two prominent drugs that can cause the above symptoms. Protecting yourself and workers within the practice is essential. 

Staying Compliant 

Staying compliant with the USP 800 is important to ensure safety in practices and for employees. It is crucial to keep safety data sheets (SDS) updated with every chemical and hazardous drug in the facility; this should be updated at least every 12 months. Along with keeping SDSs updated, running a risk assessment for each drug and the dosage is imperative.   

With help from MedPro Disposal, we can ensure that your practice is in regulation and following USP 800. Some of the services that we offer to help with compliance include:

  • OSHA & HIPAA Compliance Training: MedPro Disposal offers a full suite of compliance solutions. With OSHA & HIPAA training, you will learn all about the processes and updated regulations, including proper PPE to wear while dealing with specific wastes. For more information on MedPro Disposals training, you can learn more and request a quote on our website.
  • Hazardous waste disposal includes proper containers and sizing that would be needed depending on the amount of waste and usage.
  • MP1 RX Formulary Manager

While MedPro Disposal doesn’t deal with the engineering of making the facility under compliance, some additional steps, like ensuring proper lighting and labeling, can also be achieved.

With proper compliance, you can prioritize your facility and employees’ safety with the help of MedPro Disposal. Are you interested in services?

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