What Do Hospitals Do with Their Biohazardous Waste?

where does medical waste go

Collection of Waste

When healthcare facilities produce medical waste, it must be collected properly. This will make sure that hospitals/facilities are compliant with federal OSHA regulations and various local regulations. There are specific rules of what can disposed of in these biohazardous waste bags. For example, if there are any sharps or needles, those would need to be collected in specific containers to stop bags from ripping and hurting your coworkers!

There are four categories of waste. Each form is separated, identified, sterilized and recycled appropriately to minimize exposure and risk to the environment and general population: Solid waste, Liquid Waste, Sharps Waste, and Pathological waste.

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Removal of Medical Waste

Where Does Medical Waste Go?

Once waste bags have been filled, they must be properly removed from hospitals and replaced with new bags. MedPro Disposal offers cost-effective medical waste disposal programs that will ensure of the safe disposal. When the medical waste is removed from facilities, it is then disposed of in a manner that is safe for the environment. In the past, medical waste would simply be sent to a landfill for disposal. Now a days, it is sterilized and recycled before heading to a special sanitary landfill. This process usually involves incinerators and autoclaves that kill bacteria using extremely high temperature and pressure.

Do’s and Don’ts for Biohazardous Waste Bags


  • Dispose of biohazardous waste in red bags.
  • Dispose of items such as plastic vaginal speculums, paper towels, wipes, gloves, syringes without needles, bandages or dressing with small amounts of dry blood or fluid
  • Dispose of any items saturated with blood
  • Label your waste bag(s)


  • Put any regular trash within the bag
  • Put loose waste in this container
  • Overfill this container
  • Place any item that contains sharp objects
  • Place any radioactive materials within bag
  • Do not dispose of any animal/human body parts
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