What types of documents must always be destroyed?

Papers should be destroyed to secure company records

Shredding papers is an excellent way to protect confidentiality.

Many papers should be destroyed to make room for new ones and prevent unauthorized access to private company records. In addition, destroying company documents ensures confidentiality for employees and internal company information. Although companies can shred their own papers internally, it is more efficient for them to hire an outside service provider that specializes in either data destruction or documents shredding. Listed below are company documents that should be shredded:

(1) Employee Pay Stubs
(2) Employment Records and Payroll Information
(3) Credit Card Bills or Offers
(4) Bank statements
(5) ID cards
(6) Legal Documents
(7) Canceled or Voided Checks
(8) Anything with a signature
(9) Budgets
(10) Contracts
(11) Strategic Reports
(12) Training Information
(13) Appraisals
(14) Purchase Orders
(15) Internal Reports
(16) Customer Lists
(17) Any document with personal or confidential information

Document Shredding Process

Physical data on documents are relatively easy to destroy on your own. However, most store-bought shredders leave pieces of information that can still be put back together and read. This is why hiring a professional service company specializing in data and document destruction, such as MedPro Waste Disposal, is recommended. At MedPro, we understand the importance of keeping company information confidential, and our goal is to make destroying company information easy and compliant with HIPPA regulations. MedPro offers two recurring or one-time shredding services, depending on what works best for you! Click here to learn more about how MedPro can help shred documents efficiently.

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