Why We Love Nurses (and You Should, Too)!

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Any job within the medical field has its own set of unique challenges. That’s because medicine deals with life and death situations, the latest developments in health technology and the complex needs of patients, often at short notice. But a certain profession in the medical industry tends to blend into the background, even though it is pivotal to the welfare of patients from all walks of life. This blog is dedicated to these heroes, nurses.

That’s why we’d like to dedicate this blog to a few reasons why we think nurses are amazing. And we hope by the end of this piece, you’ll agree!!

1. Nurses are Caretakers

Although doctors have the expertise to diagnose conditions and select the appropriate medications for any given ailment, it is the nurse’s responsibility to make sure these treatments are being fulfilled. In a hospital setting, especially, the physicians must focus on prescribing the best route for sick individuals to take and then move on to the next medical crisis. But the nurse is charged with the details, carrying out the doctor’s vision for wellness.

Beyond the prescriptions and treatment plan, nurses also have to be aware of realities that can occur to patients who have been laid up in bed for an extended period of time. This means the nursing staff must continually check in on these individuals, making sure clots, pressure ulcers and weak muscles don’t become an issue.

In short, nurses have to be intimately aware of what each patient’s needs, anticipating any problems while they’re in the hospital’s or health facility’s care. It’s a lot of work and requires someone who has the compassion and skill to look after every patient that walks in the door.

2. Nurses are Educators

Whether in a hospital or a small doctor’s office, nurses typically wind up as educators. As the backbone of a hospital ward or medical practice, they know how the facility runs. From patients who are admitted into long-term care to physicians who don’t know their way around the office yet, nurses are often the ones who show this wide-ranging group around.

Anything from patient safety to the medical record system to advice on how to handle certain personality quirks, nurses are the ones in the know.

3. Nurses are Healthcare Providers

It’s true that doctors have the authority to diagnose and treat a patient. But there are times when nurses have to take on this role, particularly in emergencies. If a patient suddenly develops a life-threatening ailment while in the hospital, it’s often the nurses on duty that respond right away.

In cases like this, a nurse must determine the problem and take action as quickly as possible to save life at stake.

One Final Note

Too often than not, nurses remain in the shadows, not given the credit they deserve. But as you can tell, they play many essential roles in the medical world. So they’ve definitely earned significant respect from us all. We hope you can now see why we love nurses as much as we do.

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