A Guide to Safe and Proper Disposal of Controlled Substances

controlled substances

Regulated drugs, such as opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulants, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine, are categorized into five schedules. Dispose of regulated drugs properly to prevent harm. But don’t worry; and there are two safe methods to do so.

Approach 1: Utilizing Drop-Off Locations

Many pharmacies, healthcare facilities, and law enforcement agencies offer drop-off locations where you can anonymously deposit unused or expired controlled substances. These programs ensure that medication disposal is not harming society.

Approach 2: At-Home Disposal Solutions

When using at-home disposal options, consider purchasing DEA-approved drug disposal bags, available at pharmacies and online. These bags contain an active agent that neutralizes the controlled substances, rendering them unusable and environmentally friendly.

To further ensure the safe disposal, keep the following tips in mind:

Remove Personal Information: 

Before disposal, remove any identifying information from prescription labels to protect your privacy.

Avoid Flushing: 

Flushing down the toilet can cause water pollution and harm aquatic life.

Keep Out of Trash: 

Discarding in the trash may lead to accidental ingestion by pets, wildlife, or unauthorized individuals.

Seek Professional Help: 

Contact a licensed hazardous waste disposal company for large quantities of controlled substances.

Follow these guidelines to dispose and promote a safer community safely. Minimize the risks associated with these substances and their potential misuse.

Choose MedPro Disposal for Your Controlled Substance Disposal Needs

Partner with MedPro Disposal to ensure the proper and safe disposal of unused or expired controlled substances. Moreover, our expertise in waste management services will help you protect your community and the environment from unwanted risks.

When you choose MedPro Disposal, you gain access to:

Secure Drop-Off Locations: 

Easily find our designated and monitored drop-off locations, ensuring the safe handling and disposal of controlled substances.

Tailored Waste Management: 

Receive customized solutions that cater to specific needs around controlled substance disposal for your facility or personal use.

Reliable Customer Support: 

Our experienced team can assist with questions and guide you through the disposal process.

Take an important step towards responsible disposal practices by partnering with MedPro Disposal. Contact us to learn more about our controlled substance disposal services and make a positive impact on your community and the environment.

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