What Does lCD-10 Mean for Your Small Practice?

compliance officer
What exactly does lCD-10 mean for your small practice? MedPro lays out all of the main reasons ICD-10 is important for you!

How Much Does Medical Waste Disposal Cost?

How much does medical waste disposal cost? What is the average cost of medical waste disposal? Do you know the factors that contribute?

How to Prepare for OSHA’s Unannounced Onsite Inspections

bio medical waste management
Three helpful tips to ensure your healthcare facility is fully prepared for OSHA's onsite inspections at any time. Are you doing all of these?

The Simplest Way to Avoid a HIPAA Violation

There is one simple way to drastically reduce the risk of a HIPAA violation at your facility and yet many aren't doing it.

Colorado Medical Waste Disposal Regulations

colorado medical waste disposal services
If you don't know the specific medical waste and pharmaceutical waste disposal regulations in the state of Colorado, this blog will be very useful!

What Type of Medical Waste Are You? [Quiz]

medical waste disposal quiz
Take a quick mental break and find out what type of medical waste describes your personality. Share with everyone in your office and compare answers!

Missouri Medical Waste Disposal Regulations

St Louis, Missouri Medical Waste Disposal Services
Missouri medical waste disposal regulations are state specific. Learn them to keep your facility safe and in compliance with local laws.

3 Steps to Managing the Sample Closet at Your Medical Practice

small pharmaceutical samples
A major step in practice management that is often overlooked is keeping the medicine sample closet organized in order to stop any accidents with your drugs.

Do you know Massachusetts’ medical waste disposal regulations?

Medical Waste Disposal Massachusetts
In Massachusetts, medical waste or infectious waste has very specific regulations for how it must be managed and disposed of.

Why We Love Medical Waste Disposal (And You Should, Too!)

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The MedPro Disposal sales team members let us know what they love most about working in the medical waste disposal field.