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20 Catastrophic HIPAA Violation Cases to Open Your Eyes

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The list below shares 20 real-world HIPAA violations that cost big money for private practices, hospitals, and healthcare professionals. HIPAA exists to protect a patient’s private information. The law carries strict penalties and a risk of devastating civil suits. Frequently, HIPAA violations stem not from malicious intent but from a poor understanding of the law itself. The…

Office Ally: Reviews, FAQs, Tutorials and Resources

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For a private practice, choosing an EHR, a clearinghouse, or a practice management system is no small feat. A wrong choice can mean lost time, lost reputation, frustrated staff, shrinking clientele, lost revenue, and even lawsuits. Office Ally is a very popular free option providing several different clinic management solutions, but is it the right…

HIPAA and OSHA Compliance Training

Medical and dental offices are required to have extensive training regarding guidelines and requirements for HIPAA, OSHA and dealing with blood borne pathogens. These compliance rules and training processes are for the safety of both the patient and the staff as well as for the protection of patient records. Some of the questions that are…

Importance of Secure Document Shredding in the Medical Industry

Identity theft has increased at almost exponential rates, to the point where around one in three individuals have fallen prey to it. However, the topic doesn’t just affect the average consumer, but can be devastating when it comes to businesses. This is especially important as it relates to the medical industry where you can have…

The Simplest Way to Avoid a HIPAA Violation

There is one simple way to drastically reduce the risk of a HIPAA violation at your facility and yet many aren't doing it.

Mobile Device Agreement: Reducing HIPAA Violation Risk

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Protecting your patients' privacy is one of the main concerns when dealing with mobile device use in a healthcare practice.