Webinar: Protect your Practice During COVID-19

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Protect your Practice During COVID-19: Cyber Security, HIPAA & OSHA Compliance

MedPro Disposal HIPAA Webinar Series

With COVID-19 causing changes in the healthcare industry are you protecting your practice? While the threat of a crisis like COVID-19 pandemic was always a possibility only a few healthcare practices and providers have prepared for it. Forced to adapt to ever-changing circumstances, some practices went remote and moved online to a totally new environment. The question is “Is your practice ready for this?”

Tune in to this webinar by PCIHIPAA to gain insights on:

  1. Protect Your Employees and Patients
  • What policies do you need to update?
  • Evaluating your overall OSHA compliance
  1. Protect Your Practice from Data and Security Breaches
  • Completing your required risk assessment
  • Make sure all your policies and procedures are in place
  • Where to get free training
  • Ensuring proper infrastructure
  • Learn how you can avoid a $200,000 mistake

Register here to get access to the on-demand webinar featuring Jeff Broudy CEO, PCIHIPAA.

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