How do you Protect your Practice from COVID-19 Pandemic?

A Webinar on Cyber Security, HIPAA, and OSHA Compliance 

Watch this webinar to get insights on how to:

Protect Your Employees and Patients

  • What policies do you need to update? 
  • Evaluating your overall OSHA compliance

Protect Your Practice from Data and Security Breaches 

  • Completing your required risk assessment 
  • Make sure all your policies and procedures are in place 
  • Where to get free training 
  • Ensuring proper infrastructure 
  • See how you can avoid a $200,000 mistake

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While the threat of a major healthcare crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic was always a possibility, few healthcare providers had seriously prepared for it. Forced to adapt to ever-changing circumstances, practices across the nation had to scramble to put together a response plan.  


Jeff is a subject matter expert when it comes to compliance for medical offices. After realizing the significant risks practices face in managing sensitive patient data and protecting themselves from cyber attacks, he founded PCIHIPAA to help practices stay up to date and compliant with ever-changing HIPAA regulations.