Fire Safety Training Added to MedPro Disposal’s Compliance Portal


Why is fire safety training so important for your employees?

Fire Safety training has now been added to the MedPro Online Portal’s OSHA Compliance Program. This is a critical safety training program required to keep you and your employees safe.

If your practice already uses the MedPro Online Compliance Portal then fire safety is now part of your training options. You will see it under training the next time you log in.

What does this training include?

On average, there are over 6,000 fires in healthcare facilities every year. What is the cause of these fires? Some of the leading causes include cooking and laundry. The training videos in our online portal explain this in more detail. What else does the training include?

The training videos and tests cover topics including:

  • Fire Basics
  • What to do in Case of a Fire
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Prevention Plans
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • How to Be Prepared

Why is fire safety training important?

Other than the fact that it is required training by OSHA, it is important to prepare your staff to properly manage a fire to keep themselves and everyone else in your facility (patients and employees) safe. Develop a clear plan of action should there be a fire.

If the plan is to evacuate then you should train employees of the safest and most efficient routes. If you want employees to grab a fire extinguisher and do what they can to fight the fire until help arrives then you should train them on proper fire extinguisher use and have them practice using one.

In addition, it’s good for employees to be highly educated about how fires start and how to put out the different types of fires. Many people underestimate the speed at which fires can spread as well. Knowing more about these facts can help employees better manage a fire should there be one at your facility.

Shouldn’t everyone already know what to do in a fire?

Your facility should of course already have an emergency action plan in the case of a fire or other emergency that requires evacuation. In addition, there are some things that employees can do to reduce the risk of fire. For instance:

  • Keeping oily rags away from heat sources
  • How to properly manage extension cords
  • How to inspect power cords for damage

Something as simple as having and enforcing a designated smoking area will even make a difference in preventing fires. You can learn even more about fire safety in the workplace from this OSHA Fact Sheet on Fire Safety.

Get Trained with MedPro’s Online Compliance Portal

Don’t have the MedPro online compliance portal yet but want to get your team trained on fire safety? Good news! MedPro Disposal is currently offering a free month of access to our online portal if you sign up now. Call or click now to learn more about the portal and how to get your team enrolled, trained, certified, and safe.

MedPro Online Compliance Fire Safety Training

Image: By Barry Bahler (This image is from the FEMA Photo Library.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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