How MedPro Can Save Your Business Thousands

What does MedPro Waste Disposal Do?

MedPro Disposal offers several low-cost, simple, and reliable services to help all our clients save money and comply with HIPPA and OSHA requirements for waste disposal. Our services are listed below:

(1) Medical Waste Disposal
(2) Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
(3) Biohazard Waste Disposal
(4) Sharps Container Disposal
(5) OSHA Compliance Training
(6) HIPPA Compliance Training and Certification
(7) Data and Document Destruction
(8) Mail Back Solutions
(9) MP1 RX Formulary Manager

While we offer several services, MedPro specializes in Medical Waste Disposal. We offer services to Hospitals, Physician Practices, Dental Practices, Funeral Homes, Long-Term Care Clinics, and Emergency Care Clinics. Concerning Medical Waste Disposal, MedPro will pick up waste on-site, securely transport it to a designated waste facility, then treat and dispose of it properly while ensuring compliance with all waste disposal requirements. At MedPro, we make disposing of medical waste easy by providing our customers with the correct storage equipment, and all we ask is to separate each type of waste into designated containers/bags. In addition, MedPro offers truck services where our drivers will come to pick it up or mail-back solutions where our customers have to mail it to us through the U.S. Postal Service.  

Why Disposing of Medical Waste Properly Matters? 

There are various reasons why correctly disposing of medical waste is essential, including potential legal fines and penalties and compliance liabilities from HIPPA, OSHA, and the EPA. The largest fine a person would have to pay, mainly for severe or criminal violations, can be up to $295,000 and could result in jail time, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition, there are various other fines caused by improper medical waste disposal, which is why using MedPro Waste Disposal is the best solution for all businesses needing to dispose of medical waste. To learn more about our medical waste disposal services, click here.

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