How To Dispose Of And Manage Your Office Waste

Office waste disposal and management is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy and clean office environment. There are many hazardous wastes, such as toxic and corrosive materials that could cause serious damage to human health and the environment, if improperly disposed of.

This blog highlights the common office waste types and their appropriate disposal methods.

Garbage men filling a truck with office waste from the garbage bin

What are the common types of Office Waste?

  • Paper and printing products 
  • Office equipment 
  • Cardboard 
  • Printer cartridges 
  • Plastic bottles 
  • Cans 
  • Packaging 
  • Electrical equipment 
  • Cleaning supplies 

Methods for Office Waste Disposal and Management

  1. Paper and printing products 

It is important to dispose of paper and printing products waste properly and you can do this by having a recycling bin in the office to dispose of these products. 

Many times, companies will hire a professional recycling company to provide a bin where the office waste can go and be disposed of properly. 

This is where the waste from the office trash or recycling bins will go, the cost depends on the amount of waste and how far your office is from the dumpsite. 

After your office has fully gotten rid of the waste, the company that was hired to provide the bin will come to pick it up and transport it to their dumpsite and dispose of it properly. 

Other types of office waste that need to be recycled also would go in this bin, this includes cardboard, plastic bottles, and certain types of packaging products. 

  1. Office Equipment 

Office Equipment includes printers, copiers, fax machines, printing cartridges, and certain electrical equipment. 

Much like paper products to dispose of the equipment it is best to hire a reputable recycling company that will dismantle the equipment, and properly dispose of the waste properly and easier. The process will be the same as the one listed in the section above. 

  1. Other Miscellaneous Waste 

Miscellaneous waste can include cleaning supplies or other chemical supplies. Unfortunately, many people dispose of these by dumping them down the drain or in the trash. 

It is illegal to flush these cleaning products down the sink or toilet because it violates the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) which states these chemicals must be disposed of properly. The easiest way to ensure that these products will be disposed of properly is to hire a waste contractor or waste disposal company. 

Another way to dispose of these chemicals is to drop them off at the nearest local waste facility site where it also would be disposed of properly, but the facilities would not offer any pick-up services.


Office Waste Disposal and Management is indeed a routine practice that every company must never take for granted to make sure that the facility is safe from waste-induced hazards. By learning the disposal methods highlighted above, every company gets a cleaner and safer environment where employees could work and thrive with no threats to their health and safety.

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