How to Properly Dispose of Laboratory Waste

How do you dispose of laboratory waste? Various types of waste that laboratories produce depend on the type of laboratory and the equipment the labs use. At Medpro Disposal, we serve two types of laboratories: medical research laboratories and scientific research laboratories, and both types produce mostly biohazardous and sharps waste.

Examples of Biohazardous Waste  from Laboratories

  • Solid waste (contaminated non-sharp materials) 
  • Liquid waste (blood and bodily fluids) 
  • Human Pathological waste 
  • Animal Waste 
  • Microbiological Waste 

Examples of Sharps Wastes from Laboratories

  • Needles, Syringes, Scalpels 
  • Infusion Sets, Connection Needles 
  • Insulin and Epi-Pens 

What Waste is Commonly Produced 

Medical Research and Scientific Research Laboratories mainly dispose of sharps, infectious Waste, biohazardous Waste, and microbiological Waste.

Sharps are a kind of waste that can pierce the skin, such as needles, syringes, and scalpels that are used in medical testing.

The infectious waste produced in medical laboratories includes any used and potentially infectious materials such as swabs, tissues, and lab equipment.

Microbiological waste includes waste containing infectious agents, such as devices used to transfer one agent to another and disposable culture dishes.

Lastly, medical research laboratories produce a ton of biohazardous waste which is classified into four categories: solid waste, Liquid waste, sharps waste, and pathological waste.

Pathological waste includes both animal and human organs and body parts that have been used in testing. These types of waste mainly consist of contaminated materials used, human excretion and bodily fluids waste, and sharps.

Scientific Research Laboratories also produce animal waste. 

How do you dispose of laboratory waste? Various types of waste that laboratories produce need proper waste disposal. Read this blog now.

Medical Waste Disposal

The correct and most effective way to dispose of laboratory waste is to hire a medical waste disposal company, such as MedPro, to provide containers for each type of waste.

MedPro would provide you with a sharp’s container and biohazardous waste bags and or containers that includes the infectious and biohazardous waste materials. It is unsafe and costly to try to dispose of this waste on your own as it puts your safety at risk, and many times it will be disposed of incorrectly.  

Learn more about how Medpro Disposal could help  your laboratory stay compliant with waste disposal and management.  Call us today or  book a 5-10 minutes appointment  with a MedPro Disposal Customer Advocate.

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