In the Eyes of the Intern: Jacob

Intern - Jake

My first three weeks at MedPro Disposal as an intern have been very valuable. I was introduced to the sales process through shadowing multiple sales representatives. While shadowing, I was introduced to Salesforce and got to see first-hand how the sales reps use it on each call. I was also able to shadow reps that worked with large companies, small companies and companies that utilize MedPro Disposal’s services other than medical waste disposal. It allowed me to receive a comprehensive understanding of how the process works.

After shadowing, the next part of being an intern was to conduct market research and gather information on leads and customers. I was able to use my LinkedIn as a search tool, which let me understand the social media platform better.

Eventually, I started reaching out via phone to discuss possible partnerships. It was a little uncomfortable at first because I wasn’t very confident. But as I’ve continued to make more calls, it’s becoming easier and I imagine I’ll be a pro by the end of my time as an intern.

So far, the environment is very lively. Everyone in the office gets along and is very communicative. Having coworkers that are collaborative makes work more manageable and enjoyable. Seeing how effective the communication is between the executives and the salespeople shows why MedPro Disposal is so successful. Within the company, there’s a well-defined path helping employees know exactly what actions need to be carried out.

Being an intern, it’s been great to have the opportunity to work with professionals that occupy a wide range of positions. Hearing multiple points of view has given me more insight into what I should expect for my future career and what I need to do to achieve my goals. I have truly enjoyed my time here and look forward to seeing what the next four weeks bring.

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