In the Eyes of the Intern: Mia 

Getting to do a marketing internship at MedPro Disposal has been such an impactful learning experience for me and my future career. I decided to adopt a marketing minor in my previous academic year due to my interest in marketing communications. I was adamant about getting a summer internship that would expose me to the many different alleyways of marketing, and MedPro Disposal has provided me with just that.  

During my internship, I worked on countless projects, either by myself or with my fellow interns. I did lots of market research for our CMO, sat in on sales demos, worked on Account Based Marketing tactics, and created graphics for email and social media campaigns. In addition to marketing and sales projects, I was given a Human Resources project, where I could review resumes and applications. Human Resources is a career I’ve also been interested in learning more about, so I was happy the MedPro Disposal team helped me explore other departments and my areas of interest outside of marketing.  

I worked on writing two blogs a week for our website, which I enjoyed since I have always liked researching and creating written content. These blogs covered various subjects relating to medical waste disposal and trending outside healthcare topics. My favorite topic to write about was telehealth since it has become such a phenomenon in easily accessible healthcare. Writing these blogs helped further my understanding of all the distinct types of waste generated in healthcare facilities and their proper disposal.  

Before this internship, I did not have much of an idea as to how businesses perform and evaluate their marketing efforts. As I approach the end of my time at MedPro Disposal, I am confident in my understanding of the standard marketing duties and meeting expectations. This has been an excellent opportunity to develop my professional and transferable skills, and I am excited to go on and continue learning about the marketing world.  

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