In the Eyes of the Intern: Sara 

Internships are where you figure out more about yourself and what you want to continue to do career-wise. I was lucky to land an intern position with MedPro Disposal, a medical waste disposal company. With the consistent advancements in the medical field, there will only be a driving force of positions within the industry. I was excited to learn more about the healthcare industry and business-to-business (b2b) marketing, and throughout this internship, I have done just that and more! 

Within June and July, I have had a variety of tasks assigned that will help me with future endeavors. I wanted to get the whole experience of everything that may go into a role, so I always jumped at the opportunity to try something new. I have had the chance to experience digital marketing with SEO, email drips, landing pages, and social media, all while seeing an aspect of the sales side, from researching prospects to cold calling. Along with these opportunities, it has been exciting to put reading into reality regarding the progression of AI usage within businesses. 

Learning more about marketing and sales with the assigned tasks has been a blessing. Not only were all the assignments an excellent learning opportunity, but the guidance received has been impactful and inspiring. Everyone on the MedPro Disposal team has been helpful, kind, and communicative. 

Being in an office setting provided the chance to learn more about the other aspects of the business and understand how they all work cohesively together. It has been a great experience to understand the aspects of business and dive more into the realm of marketing. 

The MedPro Disposals team has allowed me to feel prepared for my next ventures and marketing career. It has been one of my best experiences, from the great people and atmosphere to everything I learned and can utilize in the future. This opportunity has given me the stepping stones to make grand leaps in marketing.    

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