In the Eyes of the Intern: Hailey

Sales Intern - Hailey

Being a sales intern at MedPro Disposal far exceeded my expectations of what I was looking for in a college internship. The continuous learning about the company, what we do and who we served is a major eye opener to why I am here in the first place and why I want to pursue a business career in healthcare.

Being a sales intern for the company exposed me to the different sectors of healthcare, but with a strong focus on the medical waste sector. I have expanded my knowledge in the healthcare and sales industries, which was a great way to serve the company and achieve its goals. I quickly realized there is more to the healthcare industry than meets the eye.

From day one, every colleague at MedPro Disposal ensured every intern was always informed and welcomed. It was a great culture and environment to be a part of. I feel I have gained an abundance of knowledge and how the sales process works.

During my experience as a sales intern, I enjoyed learning about the sales projects, conducting market research, calling leads and working on various projects. We started off slowly to ensure that all the interns became well-versed when speaking about the company and the services it offers, but we quickly started exploring newer projects. Towards the end, I was able to start making calls of my own as a sales intern.

By the end of my time as a sales intern, I felt I had gained real-world experience. Combined with my degree, I was able to apply my newfound health and leadership knowledge, communication and sales skills. These will exceed my career in the healthcare industry and being a sales intern only made me more excited to continue building and developing myself as a young professional.

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