Laredo, Texas Medical Waste Disposal

laredo, tx medical waste disposal

Texas-Specific Regulations for Proper Disposal of Medical Waste

Since it became one of the official United States in the mid-1800s, people have been flocking to the great state of Texas. In fact, back in the 19th-century, the letters “G.T.T” became common shorthand for “Gone to Texas.” This was the quick way people let their families know they had head west for greener pastures. At one point, so many people were heading for Texas to escape the law, that “G.T.T.” came to mean “on the lam.”

Thanks to so many people flocking to the Lone Star state, Texas has the second largest population in America, with California having the largest. Big populations tend to create more waste, and when that waste is medical waste, it is vitally important that it be disposed of properly.

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Laredo, a Live-able History Lesson

In Laredo, history is not something that lives in the past, it is something that is celebrated and lived now by residents and visitors alike. Founded in 1775 by a Spanish captain, Laredo quickly became one of the most prominent cities along the Rio Grande River.

If you want to feel like you’re stepping back in time, simply walk the streets of downtown Laredo, where the architecture and museums tell the fascinating tales of this wonderful city. The Republic of the Rio Grande Museum and the Villa de San Agustin Historic District are just a couple of places where residents and visitors can learn more about the city’s rich history.
But while Laredo’s history has a lot to offer, so do the modern amenities and activities. For starters, like Corpus Christi, Laredo is one of the absolute top birding destinations in the country. Each year thousands of visitors flock to the city to catch a glimpse of more than 240 species of native and migratory birds.

Laredo also boasts a thriving art scene with galleries full of paintings and pottery. Two theater companies and a professional orchestra offer residents a chance to take in a thrilling live performance.

The city also offers numerous dining and shopping options, and year-round outdoor activities like biking, hiking and golfing. It’s no wonder residents love living in Laredo.
In order to keep the quality of life so high, everyone must do their part to ensure the city’s medical and biohazard waste is disposed of properly.

What Exactly is Medical and Biohazard Waste?

While biohazard waste contains potentially-infectious materials or agents, medical waste are items like gloves, bandages, syringes and needles, items that have become saturated with bodily fluids during the medical treatment of people or animals.

Since both medical and biohazard waste poses such risks, it is imperative that it be handled and disposed of properly. Should it be discarded in the regular trash, it would end up in a landfill where they could cause harm to the environment as well as people and wildlife that came in contact with it.

Because of these very real dangers, the federal and state governments have created regulations to ensure medical waste is disposed of properly. Those healthcare facilities and businesses caught improperly disposing of these waste materials are fined, and sometimes substantially.

To ensure they are safe and compliant at all times, these facilities often choose to work with an authorized medical waste disposal service who can handle everything on their behalf.
MedPro Waste Disposal offers its medical and biohazard waste disposal services in Laredo and the surrounding area. Our network of over 80 regional affiliate haulers ensures that we will have no problem reaching your facility.

Services We Offer:

  • Medical & Biohazard Waste Disposal
  • Sharps (Needle/Syringes) Disposal
  • Safety Compliance Training
  • Secure Document Shredding
  • Sharps & Pharmaceutical Mailback
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