Medical Waste Disposal in Winston-Salem North Carolina

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem North Carolina, the “Twin City”, is the county seat of Forsyth county and the fifth largest city in the state. The name is the result of the two cities merging in 1913. Among its accolades, Winston-Salem gave birth to Hanes companies, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company who branded Camel cigarettes.

The R J Reynolds Tobacco Company played a role in putting Winston-Salem on the map in the early 1900s by scaling its factory productions and attracting 30,000 laborers to the town. In its hay day, Winston Salem was the largest city in North Carolina and importing so much tobacco, that it was made an official port of entry for the United States.

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Recently, the local economy has been shifting from its manufacturing roots to a technology based economy with emphasis on medicine and research. The Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is now the largest employer in the county offering a school of medicine, hospital, and an innovations division that drives the latest biomedical technologies.

Keeping Winston-Salem clean and healthy is something the city strives for by offering its residents opportunities to dispose of its hazardous waste safely. Hazardous waste are items such as cleaning products that contain chemicals that could potentially be harmful to the environment.

As a Forsyth county resident, you have the opportunity to bring your household hazardous waste to the Enviro-Station. Businesses and companies also have the option to bring in the hazardous waste, however, they will be charged a fee. These actions can prevent potentially hazardous substances from entering the water supply as many landfills are not capable of preventing contamination.  For a list of items that are accepted at the Enviro-Station, check out the city of Winston-Salem’s Residential Services page.

Unfortunately, the Enviro-Station can’t accept medical waste, sharps and pharmaceuticals. Medical waste is any item that contains more than trace amounts of bodily fluids. These items can lead to the spread of diseases or harm the environment if not properly contained and disposed of.  This is where a trusted medical waste disposal service comes into play.

MedPro Waste Disposal offers a full range of services for medical waste generators of all sizes.  Whether you’re a resident looking for a safe method for getting rid of your collection of unused drugs or a medical practice that generates a large quantity of bio hazardous waste, MedPro will have a custom-tailored solution to collect, transport, treat, and properly dispose of waste as experts in medical waste disposal. In addition, we have saved clients in the region roughly $2000 annually on medical waste disposal services. That is quality service with money back into the pockets of the Twin City’s residents.

What we offer

Biohazard Waste Disposal: Waste that has been contaminated by infectious agents and materials such as solid waste, liquids, sharps, and pathological waste are placed in red bio hazard bags or certified sharps containers where they are placed in properly lined medical waste containers and can then pick-up by a certified hauler and treated disposed. Check out our service page.

Compliance and OSHA training: Trainers up to date on the latest OSHA, DOT, and EPA will train key members of your staff to properly dispose medical and bio hazardous waste.

We also offer an online portal with a collection of resources such as online safety audits and safety data sheet management.

Sharps and Pharmaceutical Disposal: Sharps are and bio hazardous material that could puncture the skin. To prevent injury or spread of disease, these items should be placed in puncture proof containers approved by the FDA and properly sealed to be picked up by a certified transporter.

Having a certified disposal service handle your unwanted drugs and pharmaceuticals ensures they will not end up in a landfill or affect water supplies. It also prevents illegal diversion of controlled substances.

Mail-Back Program: MedPro now offers a mail-back service for sharps and pharmaceuticals that can reach any resident or small practice in the country. Save the hassle and stress of finding another solution for disposal and go with a mail-back service that will send you a certified container with a prepaid shipping label when your full.

MedPro is dedicated to creating a safe and hassle free solution for Winston-Salem’s medical waste needs. As the medical industry continues to grow in the region, an emphasis on proper medical waste disposal with a cost-effective solution will be always be apart of the equation for success.

(Image Credit: T Weber)


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