MedPro Mail Back Solutions

MedPro Waste Disposal Mail Back Solutions aims to make disposing of sharps, regulated medical waste, and pharmaceutical waste more convenient. These systems replace costly pick-up services and are perfect solutions for your practice. When your container is ready, simply place it in the return shipping box and leave it with your regular UPS pickup. Our service ensures proper disposal of your waste without worrying about finding time to transport and drop off the waste at a designated waste disposal site. MedPro Waste Disposal offers 3 Mail Back Solutions, listed below: 

  • Sharps Disposal 
  • Medical Waste Disposal 
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal 

Sharps Disposal 

Sharps disposal

Sharps are defined as any object that can cut or puncture the skin and is contaminated with any bodily fluids. Some examples of sharps include needles, syringes, lancets, infusion sets, epi-pens, insulin pens, scalpels, glass, scissors, and sharp plastic. MedPro Waste Disposal services a variety of healthcare facilities by providing both sharps containers and transportation of the containers to a proper disposal site. MedPro’s red sharps disposal containers come in several handy sizes. Each leakproof, puncture-resistant container comes with a prepaid mail-back shipping box, reducing waste disposal costs by as much as 50%. For more information on the features of this container, click here

Medical Waste Disposal 

medical waste disposal

The proper identification of the four different types of medical waste is important in determining its method of storage, pickup, handling, transportation, and disposal. To learn more about what each type of medical waste includes, click here. The four classifications of medical waste are listed below:

  • (1) Hazardous Waste 
  • (2) Radioactive Waste 
  • (3) Infectious Waste 
  • (4) General Waste 

 MedPro offers a 28-gallon container where the medical waste will be stored in. For more information on the features of this container, click here.  

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal 

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

MedPro Waste Disposal offers a Mail Back Solution where we will ship the supplies to you, including a 3.4 Gallon Disposal Kit and prepaid return postage. All you have to do is fill the bucket with your designated pharmaceutical waste and package it and ship it back to us! For more information on the features of this container, click here

MedPro Waste Disposal Mail-Back Solution provides convenient and cost-effective solutions for practices will all types of waste. Our goal at MedPro is to make our customers’ lives easier by transporting and disposing of your waste accordingly. For more information on how our Mail Back Program, click here

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