Pet Safety During Independence Day

Independence Day is filled with joy and freedom, as many of us have outings, cookouts, and don’t forget about the fireworks! While this may sound grand to humans, it can be a terrifying day for our furry friends and family. Pet safety during the holiday weekend is imperative.    

Safety Tips: 

  • If you are attending a firework show or heading a holiday gathering, leaving your pet(s) at home can help to prevent any additional stress that they may be feeling.
  • Have a safe and secure location for your animal to go to
  • Much of the food we ingest during the holiday weekend is harmful and toxic to our companion animals. It is best to avoid giving table scraps or letting them get into the treats on the tables.
  • Ensure pet(s) do not get into festive items, like fireworks, skewers for kabobs, plastic forks, bug spray, and glow sticks.
  • Additional Safety tips are on the ASPCA website

Preparing for the festivities:

While knowing pet safety tips to keep your pet safe during the holiday weekend is imperative, preparing is beneficial. Understanding your pet’s behavior and how they react towards certain situations is essential in knowing how to prepare. Some things to have handy include: 

  • ID Tags on your companion animals – this is important if something happens and your pet(s) gets loose. Make sure that information on the ID tags is up-to-date and current.
  • Having a secure yard and safe space for your pet – with all the loud noises that occur on the 4th, having the yard secured can help prevent escape. It is also essential to have a safe, dark space for your pet to retreat if scared or anxious.
  • Having a weighted vest or blanket available for your pet is another option to comfort your companion animal during fireworks or if there is loud noise from a gathering. Weighted material can help an animal with anxiety just as it does for humans.
  • If you are aware that your pet has anxiety, taking them to the veterinarian before the holiday weekend can provide you with tips on how to handle stressful situations and provide a prescription for pet anxiety medicine. There are also natural ways that can help relieve tension.  
  • If you are traveling for the holiday weekend, ensure your pet(s) receives proper care from someone in your home or within a boarding facility.

After the Holiday:

When the fun ends, pet safety is still a high priority, so check your yard for any debris left from the celebration. Also, making sure the home is free from dangerous debris is imperative. Giving your pet(s) a check-over to ensure they are okay is a good idea just to be safe. If you are looking for safety tips to help keep you and your family safe, check out our blog, “The essential tips you need to stay safe this Fourth of July.”

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