Pharma Disposal—MedPro Mail Back 

There is a huge volume of pharmaceutical waste that must be disposed of regardless of whether the pharmacy is standalone or retail.

What is included in Pharmaceutical Disposal

It is important to know how to dispose of all pharmaceutical waste to avoid heavy fines and environmental damage. Pharmaceutical waste includes expired medication, over the counter, and controlled/DEA-regulated pharmaceuticals. The following includes examples of pharmaceutical waste: 

(1) Allergenics 

(2) Antiseptic 

(3) Pill Bottles 

(4) Medicinal Dermal Patches 

(5) Medicines in Capsule or Table Form 

(6) Medicinal Shampoos 

(7) Vaccines 

(8) Vials  

The following is not considered pharmaceutical waste, therefore, should be disposed of differently. 

(1) IV bags or tubing 

(2) Radioactive waste 

(3) Infectious Waste (Sharps, Bloody Bandages, Body Fluids, Human Tissues) 

Disposing of Pharmaceutical Waste 

1. Drug Take-Back Programs 

Firstly, there are year-round take-back programs at most local pharmacies, such as Walgreens or CVS, where anyone can bring their unused or expired medications for free. These programs also occur at limited retail stores such as Walmart, but only a few other stores do. Also, Prescription Drug Drop Box Programs are located outside law enforcement locations to dispose of prescription medications. 

2. Professional Waste Disposal Company 

Hiring a professional waste disposal company saves time and is more convenient as the company will handle the pick-up, transportation, and disposal of the waste. MedPro Waste Disposal offers a Mail Back Solution where we will ship the supplies to you, including a 3.4 Gallon Disposal Kit and prepaid return postage. So, all you have to do is fill the bucket with your designated pharmaceutical waste, package it, and ship it back to us! We will then receive the waste and dispose of it properly to help you avoid fines and reduce environmental damage.  

Learn more about how MedPro Disposal could help your office comply with pharmaceutical waste disposal and management. Call us today or book a 5-10 minute appointment with a MedPro Disposal Customer Advocate. 

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