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Considered part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, Sandy Springs is in Fulton County’s northern area and enjoys the same subtropical weather that is shared by many communities. Sandy Springs is unique in its design as it doesn’t have a traditional downtown area, but one that is defined by the business and city groups as “Downtown Sandy Springs”, with the unofficial landmark center district defined by the “Northside Tower”. The downtown area is also the site that caused the name of the city to be allocated. There is a renaissance plan in place to create a more grid-like street pattern to resemble standard downtown areas.

Sandy Springs came about due to the Austin-Johnson House which was built in 1842 on what is now Johnson Ferry Road. In 1851, a resident, Wilson Spruill, donated five acres of land for the purpose of founding the Sandy Springs United Methodist Church located near the natural spring that is the reason for the city’s name. Slowly, schools and other residents were added and to protect their community, the state legislature blocked Atlanta, Georgia from annexing the community in 1950. It was the construction of the various highways in the early 1960’s that caused a growth in population and a real estate boom for land development. The battle to incorporate the town began in the 1970’s and the city finally achieve their goal by 1975. Formal incorporation in 2005 allowed the town to be the third-largest city ever to incorporate in the U.S. The 2014 census indicated that Sandy Springs has a population of 101,908 people.

Maintaining their independence from the Atlanta area has created a strong and vibrant community. They benefit from the beauty of their environment while also enjoying the features of a larger city and access to the metropolitan Atlanta life. The people are very focused on the health of the residents and this is shown by the fine quality independent and private medical organizations as well as the hospitals and clinics which include: Northside Hospital Atlanta, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital, and Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta.

Healthcare and the environment are high priorities in Sandy Springs and this includes the challenges of medical waste disposal. Medical waste is broadly defined as anything that comes into contact with bodily fluids. The State of Georgia is one of twenty six states that is covered entirely by the federal OSHA guidelines governing that handling and disposal of medical waste. MedPro is aligned with many of the professional medical institutions as a complete solution for regulated waste disposal, pharmaceutical disposal, full OSHA compliance, and employee training. MedPro is fully compliant with OSHA standards and as a professional company, we take pride in having the knowledge to support our health organizations coast-to-coast.

The MedPro programs are designed to address all areas of medical waste disposal as well as the all-important staff training and a pharmaceutical/OTC mail back. Each program is completely customizable for our customers, bringing the solutions that save time and money so that the healthcare organizations can focus on their patients.


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MedPro listens to the clients and we have a goal to bring the type of programs that can offer a cost effective solution for medical waste disposal, while also meeting the needs of medical institutions for the all-important training. Our online video courses can be taken at the convenience of the staff member with a certificate upon completion. The MedPro medical waste disposal procedures are easily achieved so that the priority is taking care of the patients. The enhanced pharmaceutical/OTC mail back is one that can be rid of unused or expired meds, with pre-paid address labels. This keeps the meds from ending up in landfills and harming the environment as well ensures that they remain out of the hands of those that might use them illegally.

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