How to Select A Medical Waste Disposal Company

Medical Waste Disposal

When looking for a medical waste disposal company, it is important to consider many things to ensure that the vendor is providing the most effective, cost-efficient and safest methods of disposal. It is equally important to ask the following critical questions and address potential concerns prior to choosing a disposal company.


Reducing Medical Waste Disposal Costs

First, you need to determine the true cost of the services being provided. Some medical waste haulers will quote a rate only for the first invoice to show up with unexpected fees that were never discussed. Do some research and ask your colleagues at other practices how much they are paying for a similar service. In doing so, it’s important to consider if they are receiving the same service in terms of frequency of pickups and volume of waste removed and whether or not that rate includes compliance training or other services.

While rates can vary due to these factors and more, some biohazard disposal companies simply overcharge for services without any justification. The first step in selecting a vendor should always be research, but don’t stop at cost alone – there is a lot to consider.


Insurance Policy

Find out what insurance the medical waste disposal company carries because this can vary drastically from one hauler to the next, potentially exposing your practice to unnecessary liability and risk. What policies do they have implemented in their insurance? Are they enough to protect their customers and their customers’ practices in case anything happens to the infectious waste materials when in transit?

Some medical waste haulers only carry basic vehicle or liability insurance, which may not extend coverage to when the waste removal specialist is at your facility or cover any potential risk that may arise during the transportation of waste. MedPro Disposal carries a comprehensive insurance policy that goes above and beyond industry standards and includes millions of dollars in coverage, including pollution control to ensure that the infectious waste generated by your facility is covered once it is transferred to our vehicles.


Medical Waste Disposal Experience

The experience of a medical waste disposal company has is by far one of the most important things to look at. Prior to deciding what company to work with, think about how the sales experience has been. That is often an early indicator of the customer experience. Read reviews online to learn about the experience of other customers or ask for a reference if still unsure. A company proud in their level of service shouldn’t have an issue with providing this.



How transparent a company is is equally important. A medical waste disposal company should be upfront about their pricing and what is or isn’t included. A reputable vendor will also explain in detail how the waste is managed and disposed of and ensure that clients have complete access to their certificates of destruction (waste manifests) that shows the waste was transferred to a compliant destruction facility and properly disposed of.


Training Services

Some companies may provide training to staff on how to safely dispose of the medical waste. There are many different policies and protocols in place when dealing with medical waste disposal. Not only should they train their staff, but informing the client about what they need to be doing is also extremely important. Does your hauler provide a waste acceptance policy or similar documentation, such as a waste classification guide to ensure your facility is properly handling potentially infectious waste materials?


Regulatory Compliancy

OSHA, the EPA and the DOT all have federal regulations in addition to local/state rules regarding the pickup, transportation and disposal of medical waste. Violations can cost thousands of dollars if they occur, but they are 100% avoidable. Choose a company that complies to every level of regulations to always avoid any problems with insurance or government agencies.


Overall, there are many different factors to look at when selecting a medical waste disposal company. Choosing the right one is key to smooth operation for any healthcare practice.

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