What to do with bulk amounts of expired Hand Sanitizers?

What to do with bulk amounts of expired Hand Sanitizer? Read this short guide to find out the best practices in hand sanitizer disposal.

Did you know bulk amounts of expired Hand Sanitizer are considered Hazardous?

With recent health concerns, many companies stocked up on bulk purchases of hand sanitizer to keep employees safe. As the hand sanitizer expires, new safety issues arise.

When most bulk amounts of hand sanitizer expire, the chemical hand-rubbing agent in evaporates. When this happens, the disinfectant components leave behind contaminants and methanol.  

These dangerous chemicals are extremely flammable and volatile, so it’s important to shorten the life of any type of hazardous waste by disposing of it properly.  

Best Practices in Disposing of Bulk Amounts of Expired Hand Sanitizer

  • Bulk amounts of expired hand sanitizer can be disposed of in a secure hazardous waste disposal facility. 
  • If there are no such facilities in your area, you can take them back to the retailer where they were originally purchased.
  • Many pharmacies, hospitals, and medical clinics will not accept expired sanitizers for disposal.
  • Reach out to a professional Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Company such as MedPro Disposal for  recurring disposal services  if you are a regular producer of Pharmaceutical waste.

The Medpro Disposal Solution to Bulk Amounts of Expired Hand Sanitizer

At MedPro Disposal, we care about your safety and the environment around us – we know exactly  how to handle your expired hand sanitizer  and want you to stay as safe as possible. 

We offer full-service  pharmaceutical waste hauling  including cross-state and local pick-ups, detailing what you should do with expired products.


It’s important to dispose of any hazardous waste appropriately, whether it’s in bulk or not. 

Due to the nature of hazardous waste, it needs to be handled carefully and disposed of quickly, so you don’t have a dangerous chemical sitting in your warehouse for too long. 

Ultimately, any kind of hazardous waste should be handled by professionals who deal with such substances on a regular basis.

Given the above, it’s perhaps best to avoid buying and using hand sanitizer in bulk when possible. Instead, opt for smaller containers or one-time-use packets for your office, home, or vehicle. 

The health and safety of everyone involved are worth the added expense!

Learn more about how  Medpro Disposal  could  help your practice stay compliant with waste disposal and management regulations. Call us today or  book a 5-10 minutes appointment  with a MedPro Disposal Customer Advocate.

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