Why is Destroying your Data Important?

Destroying your data ensures that employee and company data privacy are protected

What do Company Data need to be Destroyed?

While it is important to store company data for future uses, data destruction, on the other hand, helps keep medical practitioners and their workplace protected. In this day in age, not all company data is written and can be shredded easily. Now there are tons of internal company data being stored electronically. Before determining what data needs to be destroyed from company hard drives, it is essential to be knowledgeable about current policies regarding what data needs to be kept and what data can be destroyed. The two primary purposes of destroying data are to improve efficiency by eliminating unnecessary and irrelevant data and preventing data from being accessed by unwanted individuals. The only way to destroy electronic data is to destroy the company’s hard drives.

Data Destruction Policies

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) covers most data destruction policies. It is recommended to use an outside professional company as it will ensure compliance with all destruction policies to avoid heavy fines or legal penalties for non-compliance. Listed below are HIPPA disposal requirements regarding electronic data destruction.

(1) One method is to “physically damage it [hard drive] beyond repair, making the data inaccessible.”

(2) Document the “receipt and removal of hardware and electronic media that contain EPHI.”

(3) EPHI and electronic media such as computer hard drives should be rendered unusable and/or the data should be inaccessible.

(4) All digital media coming into or leaving the custody of the covered entity should be properly inventoried and reported.

(5) If hiring a business associate to perform data destruction services, the covered entity must enter into a written contract or agreement.

(6) EPHI should remain in the custody of or supervised by an authorized employee.

What is the best way to destroy electronic company data?

As mentioned, it is recommended for companies use a professional company that specializes in data destruction. MedPro Waste Disposal offers two services for data destruction, document shredding and a hard drive destruction service. Our services guarantee to remain compliant with all HIPPA policies to avoid heavy fines and legal issues resulting from not being compliant with HIPPA destruction requirements. For more information on MedPro’s hard drive destruction service, click here.

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