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Albany, Georgia is concentrically located in Southwest Georgia’s center and is tied with rich history in early Native American culture, the era of the Old South and the antebellum age. The location boasts the Floridian Aquifer, an incredible ocean of fresh water that feeds the area’s creeks and rivers and is the main reason for the popularity of fishing for the community. The growing population has allowed Albany to become the eighth-largest city in Georgia.

The origins of the area return back to the Native American Creek tribe who inhabited what they called “Thronateeska”. The word translates to “flint” because of the flint mineral that was found along the river and was used to make weapons and tools such as arrowheads. After the removal of the Native Americans in 1836 to the Indian Territories west of the Mississippi River, Nelson Tift, from Groton, Connecticut took the land along the Flint River. He named his town Albany, after the New York capital as they are both located along navigable heads of rivers. By 1838 the General Assembly of Georgia incorporated the city. Tift was an avid entrepreneur advocating business, education and railroad construction. Tift participated in the Civil War providing the construction of two ships and naval supplies. Tift was in opposition of Radical Reconstruction and scorned the “carpet baggers” that appeared after the Civil War. While he was from Connecticut, many thought that he was more “southern” than the native locals with his pro-slavery and segregation attitudes.

Although the area was developed using slave labor for cotton cultivation and land clearing, it became a critical location for steamboat shipping of the cotton crops leading it to eventually join as a hub when the railroad came through.

The area is prone to flooding and the city councils made the decision against redeveloping along the floodplain of the riverfront. 1906 brought investment of the Carnegie Library in the downtown area by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie and due to Jim Crow laws it was not open for African Americans until the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The area has continued to experience expansion due to the construction of the U.S. Army Air Corps training base nearby. As wars came and went, some of the naval base that was built was purchased by the Miller Brewing Company.

With a rich southern history Albany maintains a focus on protecting their environment and the safety and health of the residents. There are many family-owned and private medical providers as well as hospitals and clinics. From Phoebe North Campus, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital to East Albany Medical Center, they address the wellness of the community. These facilities face the same challenges as the larger urban areas in proper medical waste disposal. Medical waste is designated as anything that comes into contact with bodily fluids, and the State of Georgia is one of twenty six states that is covered entirely by the federal OSHA guidelines governing that handling and disposal of medical waste.

MedPro takes great pride in being aligned with the many medical health providers in Albany, Ga. for medical waste disposal. Our team is fully compliant with the rules of every state in our coast-to-coast offices. We have listened to our customers and offer any array of services that are tailored for the specific need and have a goal to bring cost-effective dollar savings combined with peace of mind. To sign up with a customized program there are only two questions to answer: the quantity of medical waste that will need to be picked up and the most convenient time in the schedule.


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The MedPro team is licensed and knowledgeable on all aspects of medical waste disposal and supplies all of the containers for a fresh cycle upon pickup. MedPro knows that employee training can be cumbersome and we include the option of online video training for staff with a certificate of completion. This allows them to view the instruction on their schedule. Another popular program is our pharmaceutical/OTC mail back process. This empowers a provider to eliminate the possibility of meds entering landfills or getting in the hands of those that may use them illegally.


Each of our programs is time-tested for success, cost efficiency and ease of use. Our goal is to bring safety and security for the healthcare field while offering significant savings. We remain one of the most trusted medical waste disposal companies in the country and can easily create a program that fits every budget and requirement.


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