Proper Medical Waste Disposal Saves Time and Money

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It’s the responsibility of every medical location to make sure that all are aware of and dispose of medical waste in appropriate manner. This ensures the safety of the staff, patients and the community/ecology while also saving time and money. The average medical office, whether private, clinic or hospital, is incredibly busy and when things...Read Article

Albany, GA – Medical Waste Disposal

Albany, Georgia is concentrically located in Southwest Georgia’s center and is tied with rich history in early Native American culture, the era of the Old South and the antebellum age. The location boasts the Floridian Aquifer, an incredible ocean of fresh water that feeds the area’s creeks and rivers and is the main reason for...Read Article

World Health Organization Information on Biohazardous Waste

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is the leader around the globe in establishing baseline hazardous waste identifiers and the safest methods for management. Their information and guidelines are used on a global scale to keep people and the planet safe. WHO is committed to the evaluation and recommended actions on the methods of safe and...Read Article

Warner Robins, GA – Medical Waste Disposal

Warner Robins, Georgia is centrally located in a robust economic area of Georgia. The community boasts the option of both rural and urban amenities and within 150 miles a visitor can see seacoasts to mountains, lovely heartlands and busy metros. The area offers the beauty of the South with an abundance of natural resources and...Read Article

Johns Creek, GA – Medical Waste Disposal

Considered to be one of the affluent Atlanta, Georgia suburbs, Johns Creek was ranked as third in the 2017 USA Today list of “50 best cities to live in”.  The beauty of the area combined with traditional southern charm has made this community a coveted location to relocate to. Johns Creek began in the early...Read Article

Roswell, GA – Medical Waste Disposal

Nestled in the northern area of Fulton County Georgia, Roswell is bordered by the towns of Milton, Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Peachtree Corners as well as Sandy Springs. It is considered to be Georgia’s most populous city with under 100,000 people. As with so many of the southern towns, Roswell is rich in historic landmarks...Read Article

Sandy Springs, GA – Medical Waste Disposal

Considered part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, Sandy Springs is in Fulton County’s northern area and enjoys the same subtropical weather that is shared by many communities. Sandy Springs is unique in its design as it doesn’t have a traditional downtown area, but one that is defined by the business and city groups as “Downtown...Read Article

Medical Waste Disposal – Reading, PA

Reading, PA – Medical Waste Disposal Reading, Pennsylvania is located in Berks County and this area prides itself on its agriculture. Listed as having some of the finest and largest farms in the county’s southern region, Berks is ranked as third among all of the PA counties in profitability. The site of today’s town of...Read Article

Medical Waste Disposal – Lynn, MA

Lynn, MA – Medical Waste Disposal Lynn is a perfect example of a New England town and while it started with modest beginnings it is now the largest city in Essex County. Located in eastern Massachusetts, it is the 9th largest municipality in Mass. Lynn is situated on the Atlantic Ocean and considered to be...Read Article

Need to Know Information on Regulated Medical Waste

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Need to Know Information on Regulated Medical Waste  The RMW compliance rules are both simple and complex and although most are common, they can vary from state to state. Knowing where to turn to in understanding the basics is a priority. The term ‘RMW’ stands for regulated medical waste. It is also known as ‘infectious’...Read Article