Medical Waste Disposal – Lynn, MA

Lynn, MA – Medical Waste Disposal Lynn is a perfect example of a New England town and while it started with modest beginnings it is now the largest city in Essex County. Located in eastern Massachusetts, it is the 9th largest municipality in Mass. Lynn is situated on the Atlantic Ocean and considered to be...Read Article

Need to Know Information on Regulated Medical Waste

dos and donts of medical waste
Need to Know Information on Regulated Medical Waste  The RMW compliance rules are both simple and complex and although most are common, they can vary from state to state. Knowing where to turn to in understanding the basics is a priority. The term ‘RMW’ stands for regulated medical waste. It is also known as ‘infectious’...Read Article

Medical Waste Disposal – New Bedford, MA

medical waste disposal
New Bedford, MA – Medical Waste Disposal Although the sixth-largest city in the state of Massachusetts, New Bedford is most well-known as “The Whaling City”. This is due to the fact that it was one of the most important whaling ports in the 19th century. While this has drastically changed in today’s environmentally conscious world,...Read Article

Medical Waste Disposal – Cambridge, MA

medical waste disposal cambridge
Cambridge, MA – Medical Waste Disposal Cambridge is a city name that is renowned around the world as it is associated with education and enlightenment. Home to Harvard University, it is also a city that is entrenched in the rich history of New England while also bringing the high tech universe of the prestigious Massachusetts...Read Article

OSHA Standards for Medical Waste and State Guideline Link

bloodborne pathogens osha
Keeping patients and staff safe when dealing with blood borne pathogens is strictly regulated by the OSHA as well as additional guidelines dictated per state. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) created the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standard in 1991. The purpose is for the protection of the over 5.6 million healthcare and...Read Article

What is Patient Centered Care and How to Provide It

At MedPro, our focus is on providing focused and reliable solutions to health care providers at predictable rates. In this article we take a look at patient centered care. We dig into the definition and key tenets. We also look at the science behind seemingly airy topics like empathy and relationship building, and how they...Read Article

HIPAA Security Series List [Links to All 7 HHS Documents]

HIPAA Compliance Training
This HIPAA Security Series List contains handy links to all seven HHS documents. The links lead to the pages on the official HHS website. The HIPAA Security Series is a handy reference of guidelines for achieving compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule. The series provides seven helpful documents that cover everything from basic concepts to...Read Article

What Is HIPAA Compliance and How to Do it Right

UPDATE: Looking for how to report a HIPAA compliance violation? Visit this complaint reporting page. It’s 3 am and you’ve had so much coffee, Juan Valdez just called to ask for time off. If you could just practice medicine, your life would be 9 million times easier. The thicket of HIPAA compliance is a...Read Article

The 3 Biggest Revenue Cycle Challenges for Small Practices

The 3 Biggest Revenue Cycle Challenges for Small Practices If you are the owner of a small, private practice, congratulations, you have at your disposal several advantages. For starters, you most likely benefit and enjoy working alone or with just a couple of other physicians as opposed to a multitude of providers in a hospital...Read Article

Savannah, GA – Medical Waste Disposal

medical waste disposal savannah
Considered to be the heart of the antebellum era, Savannah heralds some of the most beautiful historic districts in the south. Known for their Spanish moss covered oak trees, horse-drawn carriages and manicured parks, this picturesque city is the oldest in the state of Georgia.  Savannah hosts millions of visitors every year as they tour...Read Article