HIPAA Security Series List [Links to All 7 HHS Documents]

HIPAA Compliance Training
This HIPAA Security Series List contains handy links to all seven HHS documents. The links lead to the pages on the official HHS website. The HIPAA Security Series is a handy reference of guidelines for achieving compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule. The series provides seven helpful documents that cover everything from basic concepts to...Read Article

What Is HIPAA Compliance and How to Do it Right

health insurance portability and accountability act certification
UPDATE: Looking for how to report a HIPAA compliance violation? Visit this complaint reporting page. It’s 3 am and you’ve had so much coffee, Juan Valdez just called to ask for time off. If you could just practice medicine, your life would be 9 million times easier. The thicket of HIPAA compliance is a...Read Article

The 3 Biggest Revenue Cycle Challenges for Small Practices

The 3 Biggest Revenue Cycle Challenges for Small Practices If you are the owner of a small, private practice, congratulations, you have at your disposal several advantages. For starters, you most likely benefit and enjoy working alone or with just a couple of other physicians as opposed to a multitude of providers in a hospital...Read Article

Savannah, GA – Medical Waste Disposal

medical waste disposal savannah
Considered to be the heart of the antebellum era, Savannah heralds some of the most beautiful historic districts in the south. Known for their Spanish moss covered oak trees, horse-drawn carriages and manicured parks, this picturesque city is the oldest in the state of Georgia.  Savannah hosts millions of visitors every year as they tour...Read Article

How to Plan for Best Biomedical Waste Management [With PPT]

Biomedical waste management is a crucial part of any health care facility’s daily operation. With over 800,000 needle sticks per year and 1.34 million pounds of medical waste each hour in the U.S., correct biomedical waste disposal is a key concern in any medical business. Because we at MedPro Waste Disposal help providers maximize health...Read Article

What Happens to Medical Waste During Hurricanes?

What happens to medical waste after a hurricane? Technically, the EPA and FEMA are tasked with cleaning up after national disasters. Biohazardous waste cleanup falls under their jurisdiction. Some critics complain that the EPA has issued waivers after past hurricanes, temporarily exempting local officials from the law. Consideration of the scope of the problem may...Read Article

How to Dispose of Medical Waste During Flu Season

How do medical waste flu season regulations differ from disposal rules at other times? There are a few key differences. Though year-round regulations still apply during flu months, there’s generally more waste generated during flu season. That can mean harried employees are more likely to make mistakes. It can also call for larger containers and...Read Article

Lowell, MA – Medical Waste Disposal

While Lowell may be listed as the fourth largest city in Massachusetts, it is a combination of both urban and rural with the amenities of the city and the beauty of the New England countryside. Lowell was the county seat until 1999 and is part of the New England Merrimack Valley region. Named after a...Read Article

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: China Starts First Clinical Trials

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: China Starts First Clinical Trials  Science has shown that embryonic stem cells hold the potential keys to unlock cures for disease states. China has started their first clinical trials using these stem cells as a way to address Parkinson’s disease.    China has initiated what may be a new beginning in research...Read Article

Medical Waste Disposal: Youngstown, Ohio

medical waste disposal youngstown
Medical Waste Disposal in Youngstown, Ohio   Ohio-Specific Regulations for Proper Disposal of Medical Waste Ohio is part of what’s referred to as the “heartland” of America. Life here is a bit slower-paced, and many neighborhoods around the state are the kind where neighbors stop and say “hello.” While Ohio may be the heart of...Read Article