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The 5 Most Common Medical Waste Violations in Healthcare Facilities

medical waste violations in healthcare facilities
MedPro Disposal shares 5 common medical waste violations found in healthcare facilities. Make sure you are aren't making these mistakes!

How Bad Is Medical Waste Pollution in the United States?

Pollution affects everybody's health. However, medical waste or biohazard wastes are even more dangerous to the general public.

How Health Workers Avoid Medical Waste Risks

biomedical waste disposal
Recommended actions for healthcare facilities to decrease the risk of exposure to diseases when dealing with medical waste and sharps waste.

How to Prepare Medical Waste

biohazard waste disposal near me
Quick reference for storing and packaging medical waste disposal at your practice. Make sure you are disposing of your medical waste using MedPro!

Understanding the Types of Waste

wrong medical waste disposal procedure
Types of medical and biohazardous waste; understanding the many different types of waste can save your practice money in many different ways.

The Cost of Improperly Disposing Medical Waste

Improper medical waste disposal can cost you money, harm the environment, and transmit disease. Use MedPro's disposal services to properly dispose of waste!

How Much Does Medical Waste Disposal Cost?

medical waste management savings
How much does medical waste disposal cost? What is the average cost of medical waste disposal? Do you know the factors that contribute?

What Type of Medical Waste Are You? [Quiz]

medical waste disposal quiz
Take a quick mental break and find out what type of medical waste describes your personality. Share with everyone in your office and compare answers!

Spend Less on Medical Waste Disposal in 6 Steps

medpro waste disposal small plastic bag
Why spend more than you have to on medical waste disposal? You shouldn't have to pay extra for keeping people safe. MedPro provides 6 steps on how to save!

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Medical Waste Disposal Company

medical waste disposal company
Ask these 5 questions in order to make an educated decision when choosing your medical waste disposal company.