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Savannah, GA – Medical Waste Disposal

medical waste disposal savannah
Considered to be the heart of the antebellum era, Savannah heralds some of the most beautiful historic districts in the south. Known for their Spanish moss covered oak trees, horse-drawn carriages and manicured parks, this picturesque city is the oldest in the state of Georgia.  Savannah hosts millions of visitors every year as they tour…

Lowell, MA – Medical Waste Disposal

While Lowell may be listed as the fourth largest city in Massachusetts, it is a combination of both urban and rural with the amenities of the city and the beauty of the New England countryside. Lowell was the county seat until 1999 and is part of the New England Merrimack Valley region. Named after a…

Medical Waste Disposal: Youngstown, Ohio

medical waste disposal youngstown
Medical Waste Disposal in Youngstown, Ohio   Ohio-Specific Regulations for Proper Disposal of Medical Waste Ohio is part of what’s referred to as the “heartland” of America. Life here is a bit slower-paced, and many neighborhoods around the state are the kind where neighbors stop and say “hello.” While Ohio may be the heart of…

Springfield, MA – Medical Waste Disposal

Springfield, MA – Medical Waste Disposal Sitting on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River near the confluence with the western Westfield River, the eastern Chicopee River and the eastern Mill River, Springfield is one of the largest cities in Massachusetts. Hartford, the capital of Massachusetts is only twenty four miles away and is part…

How to Be OSHA Compliant

microbiologists biohazard waste management
Great Expectations Due to expanded regulations going into effect in many different industries, companies are forced to show that they are compliant and have ethics programs in place. These measures are not only to ensure that companies are within the lines of regulations, but also to demonstrate that their programs are working. The healthcare industry…

What Can You Put in a Sharps Container?

Drawn Sharps Examples
What are sharps? What should you put in a sharps container? Why do we need sharps containers? Read this to find out!

Medical Waste Disposal in Fort Worth, Texas

MedPro Waste Disposal offers its services throughout Texas. We can help you find a cost efficient solution to medical waste disposal in Fort Worth, Texas.

Asheville, NC Medical Waste Disposal

Asheville, North Carolina
Looking for a solution to medical waste disposal in Asheville, North Carolina? MedPro Waste Disposal will make the process stress free and cost effective.

Medical Waste Disposal in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Medical Waste Disposal in Fayetteville, North Carolina
MedPro is here to ensure residents have a safe, cost effective solution for medical waste disposal in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Medical Waste Disposal in Winston-Salem North Carolina

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Medical waste disposal options for businesses and residents of Winston-Salem North Carolina. Providing a full range of safe disposal services.