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20 Reasons to Opt Out of Medicare and Win Back Your Sanity

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As an increasing number of physicians and practices follow a Medicare opt out model, many who haven’t opted out yet are curious. Will opting out mean more money or less? More headaches or fewer? Below, we’ve collected facts and statements from doctors who have already opted out of Medicare and switched to a cash/credit-based business…

Dentist – 12 Ways to Build Patient Trust

Dentist practices are facing a crisis of patient trust. They suffer from the same affliction plaguing physicians’ practices at large. Namely, private practices are being gobbled up at an alarming rate by hospitals and venture capitalists. To survive, a practice must build solid trust relationships with patients. Sadly, that trick is getting exponentially harder to…

What Is Professional Courtesy and When Is It Insurance Fraud?

“Physician, heal thyself” may make a good proverb, but it’s anything but practical. Though at times physicians may self-prescribe medications (they shouldn’t!) it’s impossible to maintain necessary objectivity when treating yourself or your loved ones. Professional Courtesy (PC) is, first and foremost, a way to avoid self-treatment and receive good care. The trouble is, there…

What Are the Best Medical Finance Choices Physicians Can Offer?

Providing medical finance options to patients should be easy. “Should be.” In reality it takes hours of research. The guide below lists the best medical loans in the medical financing industry, along with a birdseye view of key factors like BBB rating, customer medical financing reviews, interest rates, and ease-of-use. Top Options for Medical Finance…

Place of Service Codes 2017 List [Printable]

Using the right ePlace of Service Code (POS) for each claim is crucial so the physician gets paid the right amount. Knowing the right code to use is easy – once we know the codes. Until then, use this handy reference for all your POS code needs and questions. Place of Service Codes Place of…

Prescription Refill Apps: More Than Just Reminders

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Prescription Refill Apps: More Than Just Reminders It seems like it was only a small amount of years ago that prescription refills became available via the standard phone. The technology that was developed interfacing the pharmacy management systems with the individual phone systems was a long and detailed process, with the success introducing the patient…

Office Ally: Reviews, FAQs, Tutorials and Resources

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For a private practice, choosing an EHR, a clearinghouse, or a practice management system is no small feat. A wrong choice can mean lost time, lost reputation, frustrated staff, shrinking clientele, lost revenue, and even lawsuits. Office Ally is a very popular free option providing several different clinic management solutions, but is it the right…

Importance of Secure Document Shredding in the Medical Industry

Identity theft has increased at almost exponential rates, to the point where around one in three individuals have fallen prey to it. However, the topic doesn’t just affect the average consumer, but can be devastating when it comes to businesses. This is especially important as it relates to the medical industry where you can have…

How to Save Money with Proper Waste Classification

Medical waste disposal in hospitals
MedPro explains proper medical waste classification about what belongs in red bags and what should be put in generic trash bins. Educate your employees!

Why We Love Nurses (and You Should, Too)!

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MedPro love nurses, and you should too! Every single job in the medical field has it's place, but without nurses it would all fall apart.