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While Lowell may be listed as the fourth largest city in Massachusetts, it is a combination of both urban and rural with the amenities of the city and the beauty of the New England countryside. Lowell was the county seat until 1999 and is part of the New England Merrimack Valley region. Named after a local famous figure from the Industrial Revolution, Francis Cabot Lowell, the city continued to be the heart of industry with their many textile mills and factories.  

History abounds in this area and the manufacturing sites played a major role in both the growth of the town and the state. Many of these manufacturing sites were preserved by the National Park Service so that they became the Lowell National Historic Park. Many of the people that migrated to Lowell originated in Ireland and were fleeing that country’s potato famine. These became the backbone of the labor forces that helped to build the growing community. 

The expansion of the textile industry included bringing the all-important cotton crop from the southern states and re-crafting it into many of the products that were in demand both at home and abroad. But Lowell also played another important role as much of the coarse cotton products that they created were eventually returned to the southern states to clothe the slaves of that time. According to historians, the term ‘Lowell’ became the generic word that slaves used to describe this coarse cotton clothing.  

One of the city’s most notable stands occurred during the 1970’s when they opened their doors to the influx of Cambodian refugees that were escaping the genocide happening in that country. The area remains the second-largest for Cambodian-Americans today.   

Education and health are a major focus in Lowell and the city is very proud of the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Middlesex Community College. They have an abundance of independent and private medical professionals as well as clinics and hospitals to serve their growing population. The most notable of these hospitals include: Lowell General Hospital Saints Campus, Lowell General Hospital, and HealthSouth New England Rehabilitation Hospital at Lowell. The residents in the area are concentrically focused in a combination of wellness as well as maintaining the integrity of their beautiful environment. Dealing with medical waste is a critical step in this process and MedPro works diligently with many of the health organizations in the area to ensure safety, efficacy and cost savings with complete services.  

Medical waste disposal is broadly described as anything that comes into contact with bodily fluids. In the state of Massachusetts, medical waste is governed by the Health and Human Services Departments and Divisions and the federal OSHA guidelines.  

The impeccably trained MedPro team coordinates training programs to ensure that all staff are aware of the OSHA and State guidelines. Our impeccable support brings the type of efficiency that offers both a sense of relief for safety while also offering significant financial savings. We bring customized solutions for each healthcare facility and include everything from hazardous waste removal, online training and certification, prescription/OTC mail back programs and secure document shredding and disposal. Our experienced team can assist in showing a healthcare facility the most cost-effective choices so that they can focus on the welfare of their patients. MedPro has a staff of professionals, with teams coast-to-coast.  

Becoming a MedPro client is as easy as answering two questions: the quantity of medical waste that will need to be taken care of and the most convenient pickup time for your organization. MedPro offers flexible programs that are customized for each customer, with a goal to bring both safety and cost savings. This gives our medical professionals the confidence for their ability to focus on the health of their patients while knowing that there is complete safety. 

MedPro remains one of the most trusted medical waste disposal companies in the country and can easily create a program that fits every budget and requirement.  


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