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Considered to be the heart of the antebellum era, Savannah heralds some of the most beautiful historic districts in the south. Known for their Spanish moss covered oak trees, horse-drawn carriages and manicured parks, this picturesque city is the oldest in the state of Georgia.  Savannah hosts millions of visitors every year as they tour through the cobblestone streets and notable historic buildings.

Savannah was originally a British colonial capital of the Province of Georgia and eventually became the first state capital. A strategic seaport, it played a critical role in both the American Revolution and the American Civil War. The Native American Shawnee tribe originally migrated to the river area around the 1680’s, taking over the land from a previous native people, the Westo. One theory for the city and river name is that Savannah it is Native American for “southerners” while others indicate that it refers to the vast marshlands and is derived from the word ‘savanna’ which is a kind of tropical grassland.

Savannah is the fifth-largest city in Georgia and third-largest metropolitan area. The number of parks and greens outweigh almost every area of the country, and they are notable for the Savannah Historic District, Savannah Victoria Historic District and the town has the largest National Historic Landmark District in the U.S.  In 1996, the city was host to the sailing competitions held for the Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Food, fun and the arts are alive in Savannah as they take pride in some of the most incredible restaurants and culinary delights and have over 150 festivals each year celebrating art, music and culture. This is amplified by the students and graduates of the Savannah College of Art and Design who hold exhibits in the various museums throughout the city.

Beyond the visual delights and traditional southern charm, Savannah is very focused on health and wellness. The city has some of the top hospitals, clinics, private practice and independent medical facilities for the community. These include: Memorial University Medical Center, Landmark Hospital and Georgia Regional Hospital. These medical professional organizations face great challenges as it relates to compliance with medical waste disposal. Their desire to maintain the health of the citizens combined with environmental concerns require that attention be given to this topic.

Medical waste is loosely defined as anything that comes into contact with bodily fluids. The State of Georgia is one of twenty six states that is covered entirely by the federal OSHA guidelines governing that handling and disposal of medical waste. MedPro is proud to be aligned with many of the professional medical institutions as a complete solution for regulated waste disposal, pharmaceutical disposal, full OSHA compliance, employee training and document shredding.

MedPro offers customized programs that fit each specific healthcare organization so that everything is accomplished efficiently, allowing healthcare providers to focus on the care of their patients. Coordinating with a knowledgeable and licensed group such as MedPro is as easy as supplying two pieces of information to begin the program and includes how much medical waste will be produced and a schedule for pickup. Once done, we will remove the existing medical waste and supply the organization with new containers to begin a fresh cycle.

MedPro also offers an additional and high priority service in our pharmaceutical mail back program. The facility is supplied a 2.5 gallon OTC/Rx or controlled bucket that is the receptacle for unneeded or expired medications. This bucket is a single purchase and includes a prepaid UPS return label and only requires that it be mailed back for disposal. The pharmaceutical mail back program is compliant with federal guidelines and is an exceptional cost-effective method to ensure that unnecessary meds are disposed of to protect the environment and keep medications out of the water systems and landfills in the Savannah area.

The MedPro goal is to be the go-to company to accommodate the requirements in a cost-effective manner so that it saves both time and money.


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With the MedPro services, a facility can feel empowered in knowing that they are ensuring the safety of the staff, patients and the planet while also bringing significant savings.

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