Springfield, MA – Medical Waste Disposal


Springfield, MA – Medical Waste Disposal

Sitting on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River near the confluence with the western Westfield River, the eastern Chicopee River and the eastern Mill River, Springfield is one of the largest cities in Massachusetts. Hartford, the capital of Massachusetts is only twenty four miles away and is part of the Hartford-Springfield area that is known as the Knowledge Corridor. Hosting over thirty two universities and liberal arts colleges that include over 160,000 students, it is the second highest higher-learning institution concentration in the U.S.  Springfield alone is home to Western New England University, Springfield College, Springfield Technical Community College and American International College as well as other higher educational institutions.

Founded in 1636, Springfield’s original settlement area is now part of the downtown location. As with many areas of New England, Springfield is rich in history that spans from its early beginnings, through the crossroads tread by George Washington and then into the development of a local armory. It was the near-capture of the armory in the 1787 Shay’s Rebellion that led to the formation of the U.S. Constitutional Convention.

The area has undergone many variations of successes as well as downsizing during the various recessions. However, the Springfield of today has experienced a renaissance and this is due to their long-term revitalization projects. One of the most visionary of these projects is the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield high-speed rail which is just part of the vast construction and rebirth that is occurring in the area. But with all of the refurbishing, there is no denying the beauty of the surrounding parks and gardens that make up some of the most breathtaking landscapes.

As a metropolitan area, healthcare is a priority and there is an abundance of independent, private practice, clinics and hospitals to serve the residents. Of these, the most prominent include: Mercy Medical Center, Baystate Medical Center, and Shriner’s Hospital for Children-Springfield. The challenges facing the intense population include the requirement of proper disposal of medical waste. MedPro is proud to be aligned with the Springfield medical community in creating safe, efficient and cost-savings choices. Medical waste disposal is broadly described as anything that comes into contact with bodily fluids. In the state of Massachusetts, medical waste is governed by the Health and Human Services Departments and Divisions and the federal OSHA guidelines.

MedPro has specific programs that assist our clients in a variety of ways to benefit both the medical organization and the patients. MedPro offers a complete solution for regulated waste disposal, pharmaceutical disposal, full OSHA compliance, employee training and document shredding. We customize the programs that fit each specific healthcare organization so that everything is accomplished efficiently, allowing healthcare providers to focus on the care of their patients.

Coordinating with a knowledgeable and licensed group such as MedPro is as easy as supplying two pieces of information to begin the program and includes how much medical waste will be produced and a schedule for pickup. Once done, we will remove the existing medical waste and supply the organization with new containers to begin a fresh cycle.

MedPro also offers an additional and high priority service in our pharmaceutical mail back program. The facility is supplied a 2.5 gallon OTC/Rx or controlled bucket that is the receptacle for unneeded or expired medications. This bucket is a single purchase and includes a prepaid UPS return label and only requires that it be mailed back for disposal. The pharmaceutical mail back program is compliant with both federal and state level guidelines and is an exceptional cost-effective method to ensure that unnecessary meds are disposed of to protect the environment and keep medications out of the water systems and landfills in the Springfield area.

MedPro also brings a wealth of educational opportunities to our clients as they can have their employees sign up for any of the online courses at their convenience. Once completed, the staff member will receive a certificate and they will be kept up to date on all of the guidelines and requirements.

The goal of MedPro is to bring the services that are needed by the medical community while also saving money. Signing up with the programs is as simple as answering two questions: the quantity of medical waste that will need to be disposed of and the most convenient time for pickup.

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MedPro remains one of the most trusted medical waste disposal companies in the country, with offices coast-to-coast and can easily create a program that fits every budget and requirement.

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