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Warner Robins, Georgia is centrally located in a robust economic area of Georgia. The community boasts the option of both rural and urban amenities and within 150 miles a visitor can see seacoasts to mountains, lovely heartlands and busy metros. The area offers the beauty of the South with an abundance of natural resources and is considered to be one of Georgia’s most progressive communities.

The area began to experience growth in 1940 when it was the small hamlet of Wellston. Located eighteen miles south of Macon it had only fifty two residents and was surrounded by cornfields and peanut farms. The location was selected as the Army Air Corps Depot site and the name was given to honor Brigadier General Augustine Warner Robin during the World War II era. Robins Air Force Base was then constructed in 1942 and was the leading cause of the explosive growth. The town has experienced a number of ebbs and flows in success, many of which have been influenced by the military presence. Post WWII the base received a budget cut back which affected the town and then during the Korean Conflict it was reactivated. Each of these actions had a direct impact on the community as it affected the workers and income. By 1943 the community leaders chartered and incorporated the city. The community of Warner Robins has earned the reputation as one of Georgia’s fastest growing cities.  Starting from 52 people, it has become the 9th largest city in the State. Estimates place the current population at 62,000 with more than 75,000 living within a 10-mile radius of the city.

Fully credited by the Georgia Certified City Program, Warner Robins has accomplished important civic improvements necessary to enhance the city’s attractiveness to potential new business and industry.  Georgia’s “International City” has a record of fine schools, a superior record of law and order, and one of the most outstanding recreational programs in the southeast. The residents and governing authorities take exceptional pride in their focus on health, wellness and education. There is a fine selection of family-owned and private medical facilities as well as hospitals such as: Houston Medical Center and Houston Healthcare.

The city officials maintain a high priority on the beauty of their area and in the protection of the environment. The medical community faces the same challenges that their larger urban cousins experience in safe and efficient medical waste disposal. Medical waste is broadly described as anything that is exposed to bodily fluids and the State of Georgia is one of twenty six states that is covered entirely by the federal OSHA guidelines governing that handling and disposal of medical waste.

MedPro proudly works in conjunction with many of the healthcare providers as they address the critical topic of Warner Robins medical waste disposal. We bring a combination of low cost options that are completely customizable and are addressed by a team that undergoes rigorous training in all of our offices. Our experience has allowed MedPro to be one of the nationally recognized for having a reputation of safety record excellence and we offer the type of services that bring ease of use as well as peace of mind. Each service is based on listening to the customer as they need to have the best programs that are most fit for their needs as well as offering cost-effective savings. The goal is to make our company the go-to service for a variety of requirements so that providers can focus on their patients.


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We have made the sign up process very simple by answering only two questions: the volume of medical waste that needs to be handled and the preferred schedule for pickup. MedPro supplies all containers that are compliant with regulations and adjusts the services that are needed by the customer.

MedPro offers an array of programs that also include some of those that can reduce budgetary costs as well as time. Our employee training program involves online videos that enable staff to view on their own schedules with a certificate of completion. Another of our popular services includes pharmaceutical/OTC mail back. MedPro incorporates pre-paid labels that can be mailed out and it assists in keeping medications that are no longer needed out of the landfills as well as out of the hands of people that may use them illegally.

MedPro takes care of so many of the services at a low-cost and customized manner. We want our clients to refer to these practices as some of the easiest that they must deal with on a daily basis in their healthcare facilities.

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