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As a suburb of Atlanta, GA, Alpharetta enjoys the beauty of their scenic location with the advantages of urban access. In the center of Alpharetta is the Historic District that boasts some of the buildings that date back to the late 19th century and some even older. However, this town also includes a number of modern buildings as well as an array of festivals throughout the year.

Alpharetta is another town that was created due to the 1830’s relocation of the Native American tribes that resided in the area called “The Trail of Tears”. The removal of the inhabitants allowed vacant land that was situated along the former Cherokee trail and stretches from the Chattanooga River to the North Georgia Mountains. It served as a trading post for the original settlers and one of the first permanent landmarks of the area was the New Prospect Camp Ground. At the time it was known as “Milton” and it wasn’t until 1858 that the city of Alpharetta was chartered.

It’s believed that the name of the town is a variation on a fictional Indian girl by the name of “Alfarata” in a song that was popular in the 19th century, The Blue Juniata. There are others that think the name was created as a derivative of the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Today Alpharetta is claim to outdoor concerts, historic walks and tours, festivals and an array of restaurants, art and culture.

Residents of the area are very attune to health, wellness and the beauty of their community. They have an incredible number of independent, family-owned and private medical providers as well as hospitals of excellence such as Northside/Alpharetta Medical Campus, Wellstar North Fulton Hospital and Northside Hospital/Alpharetta Cancer Center. Each of these facilities is committed to ensuring that their patients and environment are cared for at the highest level and in doing so, they face the same challenges in medical waste disposal that exist in all provider conditions.

Medical waste is a broad term that describes anything that comes into contact with bodily fluids and the State of Georgia is one of twenty six states that is covered entirely by the federal OSHA guidelines governing that handling and disposal of medical waste. MedPro is proud to be partnered with many of the medical facilities in Alpharetta, bringing the highest quality medical waste disposal as well as other cost-effective programs such as employee training and pharmaceutical/OTC mail back. Each of our services ensure safety, efficacy and efficiency while saving both time and money. Our goal is to be the single go-to source and each program is tailored to the need of the customer.


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A potential client can sign up by answering only two questions: the quantity of medical waste that needs to be disposed of –and- the best time in the schedule for pickup.

MedPro understands that staff training can interrupt the focus on the health of patients and we have convenient online training videos that include a certificate of completion. In addition, we bring peace of mind on the topic of pharmaceutical/OTC expired or unused medications with a complete mail back program. Our procedures are completely compliant and our staff undergoes rigorous training to make sure that we take the worry out each process. We incorporate the services that healthcare providers require so that the procedures become the easiest of their day.


Our experience has allowed MedPro to be one of the nationally recognized for having a reputation of safety record excellence. Each service is based on listening to the customer as they need to have the best programs that are most fit for their needs as well as offering cost-effective savings.


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