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Considered to be one of the affluent Atlanta, Georgia suburbs, Johns Creek was ranked as third in the 2017 USA Today list of “50 best cities to live in”.  The beauty of the area combined with traditional southern charm has made this community a coveted location to relocate to.

Johns Creek began in the early 19th century as just another of the trading posts along the Cherokee territory of the Chattahoochee River. As settlers expanded, pioneering families began to establish farms and use the trading posts to gather, visit and sell their crops. By 1820 the original families had established a ferry crossing site in the community of Sheltonville (now known as Shakerag), creating a business charging customers to carry livestock and people across the river to what is now Newtown. However, it was the discovery of gold in the 1820’s in the northeast foothills of Georgia that changed everything. This led to the first official Gold Rush in America and was responsible for the eventual takeover by the U.S. government of the Cherokee Nation in 1830. This takeover led to the infamous and shameful ‘Trail of Tears’ that forced relocation of this native tribe to Oklahoma and other American West areas.

There were a small number of Cherokees that remained in the area and one was the partial Cherokee Sarah Cordery, wife of John Rogers, one of the area’s pioneers. They were well-respected and maintained a plantation. The name of Johns Creek is attributed to the son of John Rogers, Johnson K. Rogers, when a local tributary was named after him.

Today, Johns Creek is part of the extension of high-tech office park known as Technology Park/Atlanta. This is due to the 1981 purchase of 1,700 acres by Georgia Institute of Technology and their master plan to use the woods and farmlands near Medlock Bridge Road and McGinnis Ferry for development. The area expanded to be the home of two hundred companies, many of which are Fortune 500 companies.

Johns Creek has the distinction of being associated with the larger metropolitan area of Atlanta, and yet this blossoming community is focused on health and education in ways that their founders would never have dreamed. Making use of the high tech influence, the area faces the same challenges of larger cities when it comes to medical waste disposal. There is an abundance of private, family-owned and independent healthcare providers as well as clinics and hospitals. Some of these include: Emory Johns Creek Hospital, Northside Hospital, and Wellstar North Fulton Hospital.

Medical waste has a broad description of anything that comes into contact with bodily fluids. MedPro is closely involved in working with our healthcare clients for medical waste programs, employee training and pharmaceutical/OTC mail back. Proper disposal of medical waste is a critical issue to ensure that safety of patients, staff and the environment. As an industry leader, we have MedPro offices coast-to-coast providing an array of services that are customizable for each need. Our employees undergo rigorous training so that we are compliant with all OSHA federal guidelines.

MedPro listens to the customers and has designed the MedPro Advantage program that brings cost-effective solutions that can be tailored to the needs of the clients. We bring cost-effective programs that offer ease of use and allow the medical professionals to focus on patient care. Becoming a part of our services only requires the answer to two questions: what are your current medical waste quantities and what schedule for pickup is most convenient.


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MedPro supplies all of the pre-labeled containers, arranges pickup and appropriate disposal and replaces those that are being removed with new containers. MedPro addresses the two highest concerns in the medical industry: rising costs and the requirement for professional staff training. Our online training programs allow employees to view educational videos at their convenience and includes a certificate of completion. Our pharmaceutical/OTC mail back program brings a sense of relief in disposing of expired or no longer needed medications, keeping them out of the landfills as well as the hands of those that may use them illegally.

MedPro is nationally recognized for a reputation of safety record excellence as well as compliance.

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