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Cambridge, MA – Medical Waste Disposal

Cambridge is a city name that is renowned around the world as it is associated with education and enlightenment. Home to Harvard University, it is also a city that is entrenched in the rich history of New England while also bringing the high tech universe of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This is a town that fuses education, art, science, philosophy and technology like no other.

Named after the U.K.’s University of Cambridge, the city became an important center of the Puritan theology that was the mainstay belief of the founders of the town. The Kendall Square are of Cambridge has been referred to as “the most innovative square mile on the planet”. This relates to the incredibly quantity of entrepreneurial start-ups that are in the area that have brought innovation quality across the country.

The town itself actually began as an agricultural village that was only eight miles from the larger city of Boston. By the time the American Revolution rolled around a majority of the residents lived near Harvard College and the Common and most of the town was comprised of estates and farms. A notable percentage of the residents were descendants of the original Puritan colonists and it did take a slow migration for others to move into the area. Cambridge, like many of the close towns played an important role in the American Revolution, but it was the mid-19th century that actually created the beginning of the Cambridge that we know today. The area quickly became the center of literary revolution as it supplied a nation that longed for literature and poetry. It is known as the home of The Fireside Poets who read their poetry aloud in the evening to their families by the fire. These included Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes and James Russell Lowell, who were both influential and popular during their day.

Cambridge proper was incredibly well-planned and each community area is allocated in a ‘square shape’. It has led to the city being called the “city of the squares” and few communities were as well-thought out as Cambridge.

The Cambridge community also boasts a nationally recognized healthcare system. This is a community that focuses on health and wellness as part of their personal path to the future. The facilities include Cambridge Health Alliance, Massachusetts General Hospital, Mount Auburn Hospital, Somerville Hospital and a selection of top professional family owned and independent practices for the people. These facilities care for patients accomplishing treatments of every type and share in the challenge of safe and lawful disposal of hazardous medical waste to protect both people and the environment. In the state of Massachusetts, medical waste is governed by the Health and Human Services Departments and Divisions and the federal OSHA guidelines. MedPro is proud to be completely compliant with both state and federal rules and boasts teams of professionals that are rigorously trained for our coast-to-coast offices.

MedPro has aligned with the healthcare community to step in as a professional company that includes an array of customizable services to meet the needs of every healthcare location. Once we receive the answers to two questions, we create a program that is tailor made: how much medical waste is being produced and the time schedule needed for pickup. We assist in every step of the programs so that the valuable time of healthcare professionals can be devoted to the patients. Everything is designed to save time and money.

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One of the things that MedPro takes pride in is the fact that we listen to our clients and address a number of programs that are well-needed in the healthcare facilities. MedPro offers online staff training with videos that can be viewed at their convenience and brings a certificate of completion. In addition, we eliminate some of the worry of expired or no longer needed prescription and OTC medications with our mail back program. This keeps the unwanted medications out of the landfills and away from those that may use them illegally. Our goal is to make these topics not only easy to deal with but cost-effective so that our medical professionals can focus on their patients.


MedPro remains one of the most trusted medical waste disposal companies in the country and can easily create a program that fits every budget and requirement.

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  • Customized plans according to your needs
  • Comprehensive Compliance Solutions
  • Online Document Retrieval (most areas)
  • Simple Pricing (no hidden fees or surcharges)
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Green Choices, Paperless Billing
  • State-Of-The Art tracking and routing software (saves money)


Find Out How Much You Can Save Instantly.
Try our on-line savings calculator.

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