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Lynn is a perfect example of a New England town and while it started with modest beginnings it is now the largest city in Essex County. Located in eastern Massachusetts, it is the 9th largest municipality in Mass. Lynn is situated on the Atlantic Ocean and considered to be a part of the Greater Boston urban area.

The history of Lynn reaches back almost 350 years when some of the Salem settlers wanted to locate a place that was less crowded. They established a bargain with the Native Americans for land that was called “Saugus” where the chiefs of the Sigamores lived. When Samuel Whiting, the first official minister arrived from King’s Lynn, England, the residents decided to change the name of the town to Lynn as part of an honor.

In the early to middle 1600’s, the colonists relied on farming and shell fishing and by 1643 they did establish an ironworks. Much of Massachusetts began to add leather tanneries and by 1775 there were a number of them along Black Marsh Brook all the way to the harbor. However, as with many parts of the country, it was the railroad that created a growth for Lynn and since the Eastern Railroad ran through Lynn, there was an explosion in the shoe industry in the area. It continued to grow through the Civil War and even when there were disastrous fires in 1869 and 1889, they simply gutted the buildings and turned them into more shoe factories. The beauty of the surrounding countryside combined with the prosperity allowed the construction of many lovely summer estates and Lynn became a fashionable resort for the Boston area. This trend continued and in 1910 they completed Lynn Shore Drive which catapulted the development of high rises for a breathtaking shore view. These 20th century structures contribute to both the history and the elevated name as they are now found in the National Register-listed Diamond Historic District.

In the early days it was called “The City of Sin” due to its high crime and vice reputation. However, today, Lynn has revitalized many of the downtown structures and transformed them into centers for culture, the arts, and entertainment. The area has become renowned for its selection of restaurants and downtown Lynn is one of the first state recognized culture and arts district.

Health and wellness is a key aspect of life in Lynn and the area takes pride in both independent and family-owned professional care as well as the larger facilities of North Shore Medical Center Union Hospital, BayRidge Hospital and North Shore Medical Center Salem Hospital.

As with any community, the healthcare providers of Lynn also face the challenges that are involved in medical waste disposal. Medical waste is loosely defined as anything that comes into contact with body fluids. There are specific federal and state guidelines of compliance in regards to medical waste disposal and the purpose is for the safety of the staff, patients and the environment. Keeping up with these requirements in a busy day to day facility can be time consuming and costly. MedPro has therefore partnered with healthcare organizations to offer an array of customizable services that saves time and money. In the state of Massachusetts, medical waste is governed by the Health and Human Services Departments and Divisions and the federal OSHA guidelines.

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MedPro believes that the focus of a healthcare facility should be on the patient and our programs entail methods to accommodate the needs of compliance while offering significant financial savings. Beyond a medical waste disposal company, we offer online video training for staff that can result in a certificate and even pharmaceutical/OTC mail in programs that allow the protection of the environment as well as keeping medications out of the hands of those that would use them illegally.

Our team of professionals carefully coordinate so that medical waste disposal containers are supplied in red-lined cardboard boxes with full instructions. With only two pieces of information we can establish a cost-effective process that is fully compliant with OSHA and state regulations so that the staff and patients are safe from exposure. We simply need to know the quantity of medical waste currently being collected and the scheduled pickup days. Our pharmaceutical mail back program is efficient and easy and we supply a bucket that also includes a pre-paid UPS label.

MedPro’s goal is to become a kind of one-stop-shop for the many critical requirements that a medical facility must comply with. We listen to our customers and have highly trained professional staff coast-to-coast to ensure that the important topics of medical waste, staff training and appropriate pharmaceutical disposal is accommodated so that attention can be given to the patients.

With the MedPro services, a facility can feel empowered in knowing that they are ensuring the safety of the staff, patients and the planet while also bringing significant savings.

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Find Out How Much You Can Save Instantly.
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