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New Bedford, MA – Medical Waste Disposal

Although the sixth-largest city in the state of Massachusetts, New Bedford is most well-known as “The Whaling City”. This is due to the fact that it was one of the most important whaling ports in the 19th century. While this has drastically changed in today’s environmentally conscious world, New Bedford port is renowned for its sailing and as a home port.

The original inhabitants of the area were the Wampanoag tribe and early English Plymouth Colony settlers purchased what is now New Bedford from the tribe. This topic has been the source of controversy as it is questioned whether this was a legitimate purchase. The main reason for the question is that like many native tribes, they did not share the European concept of land ownership and instead may have thought that they were simply granting the rights for use of the land only. The settlers built a colonial town of Old Dartmouth and a portion of the area was called Bedford Village. After the American Revolutionary War it was recommended that the name be changed to New Bedford after a leading English aristocratic house of The Dukes of Bedford.

Most of the population and the surrounding communities were populated by English Protestants, Welsh, Scottish and the Dutch until around 1800. By this time many of the Irish immigrants were showing up in Massachusetts and then later in the century the area saw an influx of Portuguese and French Canadians. By late 19th century the communities began to grow with the newest immigrants from Poland as well as Jewish families. Many of these new residents brought with them their business and merchant knowledge and the area began to experience a growth in textiles and manufacturing.

Today’s community of New Bedford has become an ecological sanctuary with estuaries and fishing among the islands that dot the area. The beauty of the area has been expanded as the city proudly includes both the harbor as well as ponds and brooks within the city limits. Health of both people and land is an important topic in this area and New Bedford has an array of hospitals, clinics and private practices for the community. The hospitals include: St. Luke’s Hospital and Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Massachusetts.

Each of the healthcare facilities face the same challenges as their larger city cousins when it comes to the topic of medical waste disposal. MedPro takes pride in being an aligned partner to assist in the control of appropriate waste disposal as well as incorporating our various staff training and pharmaceutical/mail back program. Our goal is to allow healthcare providers to focus on caring for their patients while bringing a rich assortment of customizable medical waste programs to the forefront that saves both time and money. In the state of Massachusetts, medical waste is governed by the Health and Human Services Departments and Divisions and the federal OSHA guidelines.

The goal of MedPro is to be a one-stop shop for a variety of medical facility needs. We have listened to our customers and now offer professional medical waste disposal, complete online staff training and a pharmaceutical/OTC mail back program. Our team is rigorously trained and we are compliant with all state and federal guidelines in all of our coast-to-coast offices. By answering two simple questions we can create a program that is both flexible and customized for each client: What is the quantity of medical waste that needs to be disposed of –and- what is the most convenient time for pickup.

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MedPro understands that the priority of each day should be focused on the needs of the patients. Our complete programs and services address some of the topics that many health professionals are concerned with and our ease of transition as well as combined methods of disposal and training make these subjects some of the simplest to deal with.

MedPro remains one of the most trusted medical waste disposal companies in the country and can easily create a program that fits every budget and requirement.

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  • Customized plans according to your needs
  • Comprehensive Compliance Solutions
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  • Dedicated Customer Service
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  • State-Of-The Art tracking and routing software (saves money)


Find Out How Much You Can Save Instantly.
Try our on-line savings calculator.

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