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Reading, PA – Medical Waste Disposal

Reading, Pennsylvania is located in Berks County and this area prides itself on its agriculture. Listed as having some of the finest and largest farms in the county’s southern region, Berks is ranked as third among all of the PA counties in profitability.

The site of today’s town of Reading was originally known as Finney’s Ford and in 1733 it was chosen to create a small city. In 1748 the town was laid out by two of William Penn’s sons, Thomas and Richard, and they decided to name it after Penn’s own county seat, Reading, in Berkshire, England.

Reading was a military base during the French and Indian War, however, by the time the Revolution occurred it had developed a local iron industry that was larger than that of England and it was this production that helped to supply the troops of George Washington with rifles, cannons and ammunition. Reading became a critical military depot for supplies and it was relied upon as a main location through the Civil War and continued through World War II.

Transporting supplies was a key element for success and in the 1800’s they created two canals for bulk cargo. This connected many of the canals with the rivers including the Schuylkill, Delaware and Union with their corresponding rivers that ran from Reading to Philadelphia. By the 1880’s the railroad industry eventually made the canals less efficient and they were abandoned as a main method of transport. The railroad has been credited as being the single greatest factor for the Berks County development.

Agriculture continues to be the major focus in Reading and the county incorporates a variety of crops and livestock as well as dairy. The area has maintained a high level attitude towards the health and well-being of their community. With a focus on healthcare vertical, it is no surprise that Reading has exceptional hospitals, clinics and private health and wellness providers in the state. These include HealthSouth Reading Rehabilitation Hospital, Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Center and Haven Behavioral Hospital of Eastern Pennsylvania.

The healthcare facilities share the same challenges in dealing with medical waste disposal as many of the larger cities and MedPro is proud to be aligned with healthcare organizations to bring together customized choices and options to meet the needs of each facility. Medical waste is broadly described as anything that comes into contact with body fluids. The State of Pennsylvania medical waste guidelines are controlled by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Our goal is to bring the type of programs that can offer a cost effective solution for medical waste disposal, while also meeting the needs of medical institutions for the all-important training. Our online video courses can be taken at the convenience of the staff member and when they have answered the ending questions they will receive a certificate. The MedPro medical waste disposal procedures are easily achieved so that the priority is taking care of the patients. The enhanced pharmaceutical/OTC mail back is one that can be rid of unused or expired meds, with pre-paid address labels. This keeps the meds from ending up in landfills and harming the environment as well ensures that they remain out of the hands of those that might use them illegally.

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The MedPro programs are designed to address all areas of medical waste disposal as well as the all-important staff training and a pharmaceutical/OTC mail back. MedPro is fully compliant with OSHA standards and as a professional company we take pride in the fact that we have offices across the country with a knowledge base that complies with all state and federal guidelines.

MedPro listens to the customer and we have incorporated easy to use programs supported by highly trained staff for medical waste disposal, employee training via online video and pharmaceutical disposal. MedPro believes that the healthcare organization should be focusing on their patients and spending less time and money worrying about disposal and training procedures.

The MedPro programs are customizable by the need of the client and by answering two simple questions, you can be signed up: What is the amount of medical waste disposal and the most appropriate pick up time for your schedule.

With the MedPro services, a facility can feel empowered in knowing that they are ensuring the safety of the staff, patients and the planet while also bringing significant savings.

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Find Out How Much You Can Save Instantly.
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